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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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groats, and much used for baked fish-cakes, with fish
inside and dough outside, the national dish that wc
had at Sumarokova ; they are remarkably good, these
coarse groats, which swell in the cooking and are like
large sago.
They were now very busy on board dealing with
all this new fish. The sturgeon were cut up, cleaned,
washed, and then salted ; that is, what was not going
to be eaten fresh. But apart from that the crew had a
sad piece of work before them. All the herrings (seld) they
had bought at Levinski Pesok, north of Dudinka, had
gone bad and had to be thrown overboard. It was the
captain who had first bought this fish for salting, but
he did not know how to treat it ; and when the herrings
began to go rotten he had sold the whole lot to the crew,
who were glad to have it and salted it over again. But
now it was all spoilt. They had to wash it and go
through the whole stock ; but it ended in the greater
part being thrown overboard as unfit even for their use.
As is well known, the Russians do not like to salt their
fish too much, and their salt fish is usually more or less
tainted, and doubtless far from wholesome food. I
should think that the prevalence of scurvy among
them is to be attributed in great measure to this bad
salt fish.
The autumnal weather is gone again and it is de
lightfully sunny and mild. I can sit on deck to write,
while the river bank glides by in its golden glory. This
is certainly not the cold Siberia I have read about,
and yet wc are past the middle of September.
Wc kept going far into the evening, so as to be able
to reach Yeniseisk as early as possible the next day. It
was dark and overcast, but the moon was behind the
clouds and wc could just see the river ahead and find
our way, while the forest stood black on both sides.

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