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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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Letters and telegrams : Siberian hospitality : Yeniseisk :
The population : At the boy’s school : A Georgian exile :
The municipal lunch : The Museum : At the girls’ school :
A late lunch : Overland to Krasnoyarsk : Wild driving with
tarantass and troika : Broad roads : Unsafe conditions, thieves :
Arrival at Krasnoyarsk : Hospitable reception : The town
and neighbourhood : An easy method of ferrying :No Ice-Age :
A game of football and the Sokol movement : The Museum :
Meeting of the Geographical Society and big dinner : Farewell
at the railway station : Kansk : Discussion of the sea-route
to the Yenisei : Reconstruction of the railway-line : The
express tram
OUR first visit was naturally to the telegraph office,
and to the post office, which was at the same
place. Being Sunday, it was supposed to be shut,
but the superintendent opened the office himself
and received us well. There were no telegrams,
unfortunately ; but here at last they could deal with
Roman characters and I was able to telegraph home.
Letters there were for me, but I could not get them,
as they were locked up and the man who had the
key lived outside the other end of the town. When
the superintendent understood that I wanted to see
my letters, he at once sent a messenger for the key.
Meanwhile wc were invited into his house and intro
duced to his wife ; and from the balcony on the first
floor wc enjoyed a view in the afternoon sun of the

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