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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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harbour and the Yenisei and the country we had come
Half an hour elapsed, and then an hour, but no key
came. The superintendent sent another messenger,
this time on a bicycle. How the boy could ride along
these muddy streets, full of deep ruts, was a mystery to
me, but anyhow he disappeared. Meanwhile we heard
that a telegram was lying at Krasnoyarsk for me
from Mr. Wourtzel. I had to get it telegraphed on
here ; and now we had something else to wait for.
At last the key arrived, and I got my letters. All
was well at home. So far everything was satisfactory,
and no more than two letters had gone astray of those
I knew to have been sent. Then at last the instrument
began to tick and WourtzeFs telegram came. He had
been delayed for four days and would not arrive at
Krasnoyarsk till September 29 ; he asked me to wait
till then, and to go on with him by express train to
Vladivostok, and from there to the Amur District. I
certainly had no objection. That gave me four days
more. So after all we need not have hurried so much
to get here in time ; but now we were here and all was
Oh, how we enjoyed that afternoon and evening in
the comfortable house, with these pleasant people,
being well looked after by our amiable hostess and her
charming daughters. It was a luxury to be able to
stretch oneself in these large, light, and airy rooms.
They seemed to keep open house all day in this hospitable
home ; there was a long table always laid in the big hall,
and their friends came and went, or sat down to a glass
of tea or something to eat, as they pleased.
Yeniseisk lies in a flat plain on the left bank of the
Yenisei, with little forest, mostly meadows, around it.
It is an old town, but nevertheless makes a sort of

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