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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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to his words made me strongly suspect that the trans
lation was a good deal better than the original.
During the afternoon after the lunch we made
a round of the town museum, where we found a valuable
ethnographical collection, with objects from the various
tribes in the district of Yeniseisk. The Yenisei-Ostiak col
lection interested me particularly, but there were also
objects collected among the Tunguses, Samoyedes, etc.
From Yeniseisk we were to drive overland to Kras
noyarsk, as that is quicker than taking the steamboat
up the Yenisei. However, we sent most of our baggage
by the boat, so as not to have too much in the carriages.
I should have been glad to start the next morning, so
as to have the day before us and to be able to see some
thing of the country to the south ; but this was entirely
impracticable, it was explained to me. As I had
visited the boys’ school, I was bound to visit the girls’
school as well ; and then the masters of the boys’ school
were giving us a lunch which we must not decline.
This would not delay our departure very much, as in
any case we should have to have lunch before starting ;
it was to begin at twelve, and a promise was given
that it would certainly be over by half-past one. So
this programme was arranged.
Tuesday, September 23. At ten o’clock, then, we
visited the girls’ school, a large and handsome building
with a great many pupils, of which our hostess, Madame
Kitmanov, is directress. We were exceedingly well
received by all the young ladies, with a speech in
German by Madame Kitmanov’s young daughter, and
with the presentation of a large bouquet of flowers.
Then we went to each of the classes and greeted all
the pupils and heard about all that the girls learned :
Russian, foreign languages — French, German, and
English—history, chiefly Russian, geography, natural

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