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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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cheers. We had to get out, and were received by the
Mayor, the President of the Geographical Society, a
representative of the Governor, who was away, and
many more. There were speeches and hurrahs and
cheering, while the rain poured down, and the bonfires
and torches shone just as brightly in spite of it. In
short, the whole scene was fantastic. Here had all
these people, and many more, been standing in the rain
waiting for us since three in the afternoon. It was
embarrassing, but it was not our fault.
Then Vostrotin and I were put into a buggy with
two fine black horses, while Loris-Melikov got into
another carriage, and we went at a trot downhill into
the town, through the electrically lighted streets to the
handsome house of Mr. Peter Ivanovich Gadålov, where
we were cordially received by him, his wife, daughter,
and son, and where I was to stay as his guest.
And so we had reached our long desired goal, Kras
noyarsk, and that on the very day we had planned, Sep
tember 25, which may be called hitting it off well, when
we think of the thousands of miles we had travelled since
leaving Christiania, and of the many different changes.
Here I had still three days in hand, before leaving
for the east with Mr. Wourtzel ; but this hospitable
town was determined not to let these days go by un
employed. Such a " great event " as our arrival had
to be celebrated ; in fact, they even wanted me to give
a lecture on our voyage, which I promised to do. But
then there were many preparations to be made ; first
of all it would be a good thing to wash off some of the
dust of travel, to change one’s clothes and to sit down
in the company of my two companions of the road at
the festive board of my new hosts, who were untiring
in their attentions. At such moments I often wonder
whether life has any brighter moments than those of

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