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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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fro all day long, without any more trouble than that of
moving the rudder.
But there is not a little traffic over this broad river,
and long rows of horses and waggons often stand
waiting to cross, especially on the days when a fair is
held in Krasnoyarsk, as happened to be the case just
now. One has to allow plenty of time for crossing.
And we too had to wait our time. It was a great
holiday and had been a fair-day the day before, so there
were many people about. It was amusing to look at
all these people ; healthy, cheerful, and pleased they
seemed to be. Now they were on their way home
to the villages, with their horses and empty telegas,
and women and girls were in their best town finery.
As soon as the crowded ferry came in to the quay, the
horses and carriages came ashore till the ferry was empty
and then it was soon filled again with a stream of waggons
and horses and people. They put off from land and
we ploughed across the river quite fast, until we came
in to the other side. But it was only an island that we
landed on, and after riding across it we found another
At last we were on the mainland on the opposite
bank and could ride, first southward at a sharp trot
over the plain along the river, and then up the valley
between the mountains till wc reached the granite
rocks, which I particularly wanted to see.
To one accustomed to our ice-worn, rounded moun
tains in Scandinavia, it was strange to see the forms
here. The valleys had a distinct appearance of håving
been excavated by running water, and not worn by ice
like ours ; and these ridges of granite that stood up,
jagged and wasted, high above the surrounding moun
tains, afforded clear evidence that the land had been
exposed to weathering by wind and running water and

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