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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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by what I said before about the Siberian farmer not
using manure, but being obliged, after exhausting a
piece of land, to let it lic fallow for many years, twenty
perhaps, before he can sow it again. The first import
ant station was at the town of Kansk, which stands
on the Kan, a tributary of the Yenisei, and has about
10,000 inhabitants. The Mayor of this town had met
us in Krasnoyarsk to welcome us on our arrival, but
here again he appeared at the station with a depu
tation from the town, and there were speeches and
replies during the few minutes that the tram stopped.
Everywhere the same lively interest in the develop
ment of this trade route through the Kara Sea. The
demand for it becomes greater year by year, they say.
We went on through the same flat, rolling country,
with immense tracts fit for cultivation ; but now there
was also a good deal of forest. WourtzePs carriage was
the last in the train, and the saloon formed the back
part of it, with large windows at the sides and at the end,
so that we had a full view of the railway line and of the
landscape on three sides.
We had great deliberations in the saloon as to how
the trade route between Norway and the Yenisei could
best be secured and what were the first steps to be
tåken to this end. We discussed the best arrangement
of wireless stations, the dispatch of motor-sloops to
investigate the extent of the ice in the Kara Sea, how
aeroplanes might be used for constantly reconnoitring
the ice conditions in that sea, in connexion with the
wireless stations, and so on. The construction of an
efficient harbour for discharging and loading in the
northern part of the Yenisei and the transport up and
down the river were discussed with Vostrotin, who
has these questions at his fingers’ ends. By degrees a
whole programme was drawn up under the shrewd

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