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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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is still chiefly occupied in raising corn. In a country
like the Yeniseisk province wheat, rye, oats, barley,
flax, hemp, buckwheat, and potatoes are cultivated,
while at the same time, of course, a good deal of hay
is made. The quantity of rye and wheat sown per
dessiatine (2#7 acres) is 14 poods (505 lb.) or less,
of oats 17-20 poods (614 to 722 lb.), and of flax
5-5J poods (180 to 198 lb.). The average yield of
rye and wheat is 70-80 poods per dessiatine (17 to
19 bushels per acre), and of oats as much as 100 poods
(38 bushels per acre). On new ground the yield is
even greater. The best years for corn are the dry
years, when the growth is better. In rainy years,
especially on new soil, the corn is liabre to become
sensitive, and is often damaged by autumn frosts and
covered with snow.
For the sake of comparison the following figures are
given* of the average yield in Siberia as a whole, in
Russia and in Norway, for the years 1906-1909, from the
official reports, which have been kindly communicated
to me by the Norwegian Central Statistical Bureau.
The figures given above for the province of Yeniseisk
are therefore a good deal better than the average for
* It is reckoned on an average that 77 kilograms of wheat go to a
hectolitre, 72 kilograms of rye, and 48 kilograms of oats.
Wheat. Rye. Oats.
9-0 95 16*6 hectolitres per hectare
100 105 18"4 bushels per acre
7-0 91 14*6 hectolitres per hectare
7-8 101 16’2 bushels per acre
22-4 24-9 35*6 hectolitres per hectare
24-8 27-6 39"5 bushels per acre
156 25*8 hectolitres per hectare
173 28*6 bushels per acre

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