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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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Irkutsk : Baikål : The line to the south of Baikål : The
mountains : No Ice Age : The nature and fauna of Lake
Baikål : Transbaikalia, its formation and climate : Petråvsk
iron-works and political exiles : Over the Yåblonovi Moun
tains, the watershed between the Arctic and Pacific Oceans :
Chitå : Mr. Wourtzel at work : In the Celestial Empire : The
Khulunbuir plateau : Great Khingån : Chinese ; Barim : Along
the northern border of Eastern Gobi : Russian hospitality :
Over the East Manchurian mountains : Chinese settlements :
Forest fires : Illicit opium growing : The Khunkhus robber
bands : A tram of returning colonists
T ten in the morning, the day after leaving
Krasnoyarsk, wc arrived at Irkutsk. Again
there was a great and distinguished reception at the
railway station ; wc were met by the presidents of the
Bourse, the Chamber of Commerce, the Geographical
Society, representatives of the Governor-General, and
many others. There was the same lively interest in
the prospect of regular communication by way of the
Arctic Ocean and the Yenisei estuary, and the same
hopes of a new development of this route. For Irkutsk
and the whole surrounding district, including the
Baikål region, would also benefit. Goods can be
carried from far up the rivers which flow into this lake
—the great Selengå, for instance—across the lake
and down the Angarå, all the way to the mouth of the
Yenisei. There are certainly some rapids in the Angarå,
but they are not so bad as to be impassable for lighters

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