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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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should be admitted to Russian citizenship, while later
arrivals were to be allowed to remain in the country for a
time, but would then be obliged to seil their immovable
property and return to Korea. This provision was not
put in force until 1891, when a great number of Koreans
were forced to seil their property and go either to Korea
or to Manchuria, where they were assigned new land by
the Chinese Government. But this did not stop the
immigration of Koreans to the Ussuri country; many
came and were assigned land for short periods, besides
which a large number became tenant-farmers, especially
of the land belonging to the Cossacks. This had a
demoralizing influence on the Russian population by
tempting them to idleness. While the Koreans turned
the land to account, the Cossacks became more and
more inclined to spend their rent in the taverns on drink
and cards. At the same time there was an annual
immigration of yellow labourers, who arrived in the spring
and returned to Korea in the autumnwith their savings.
There has never been any intermixture of the
Korean and Russian colonists. The Koreans as a rule
do not live in villages like the Russians, but prefer to
build their huts in the middle of the land they are to
cultivate, which of course has the great advantage of
facilitating the supervision of the fields and of saving
much time that would otherwise be spent daily in going
to and from their work. Their farming is also quite
different from the Russians’ ; they work the soil far
more carefully, get better crops, seil much corn and hay
and arrive in course of time at a certain degree of pros
perity. They are therefore to be regarded as an efficient
population, which may be desirable for the rapid develop
ment of the country.
As stated above, when the Russians took posses
sion of the country, they found the southern Ussuri

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