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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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in that town and its vicinity. Fearing that these
might be in league with their countrymen on the
other side of the Amiir, the Russians then drove them
into and across the river, without there being boats
to take them : several thousands are said to have been
drowned, and masses of bodies were afterwards seen
floating downstream. The Chinese on the other bank
replied by bombarding the town across the river, and
forty Russians were killed in Blagovéshchensk. The
Amiir Cossacks in turn took a cruel revenge for this by
attacking and destroying the town of Aigiin and other
Chinese settlements on the southern bank.
After the cessation of the disturbances the expelled
Chinese demanded the assistance of their authorities
in Manchuria in recovering their property. But, as
Bolkhovitinov puts it, this property, "it will be
remembered, had been made over by the Russian
Government, after the flight of the Chinese, to the
Amiir Cossack anny, in recognition of its signal services
during the Chinese troubles of 1900." The Russian
writer fears this question may easily lead to unpleasant
ness in the future.
Another unfortunate circumstance affecting relations
with the Chinese was the march of the Allies on Peking
and the profanation of the Emperors’ graves by the
Europeans. As the Russians are the Europeans of
whom the ordinary Chinese has heard most, it was
natural for him to make the Russians responsible for
this also. Nor was the Russian occupation of Man
churia calculated to arouse friendly feelings among the
Chinese. And then came the defeat of Russia at the
hands of Japan, whereby her prestige in the East
received a severe shock. The result of all this is that
the Chinese view of the Russians has changed in recent
years, and according to the assertions of those well

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