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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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acquainted with the state of affairs, a hatred of this
foreign nation is now smouldering among the Chinese,
which was kindled by the sanguinary occurrences of
1900, and has been fed by later events. It is therefore
considered that there would be every reason for adopting
a friendly policy towards them ; whereas the way in
which they have been treated recently has not been
calculated to soften their feelings.
It has also been pointed out as significant of the
situation that the awakening of China began by the
provision of a modern army, of which a very considerable
force is now stationed in Manchuria ; she is no longer
the weak country she was in 1900. Furthermore the
Chinese Government has strongly encouraged the
colonization of Northern Manchuria along the Russian
frontier. The Russians themselves have contributed
to this colonization by their construction of the railway.
The Chinese are laying down a Decauville railway
northward through Manchuria from the Eastern Chinese
line to Tsitsikar and on to Mergen, and this railway
will certainly be continued right up to the Amiir.
It will be understood that Russia’s position in the
East has become essentially different from what it was
formerly ; Russian statesmen here have great problems
of the most serious kind to solve and the question has
many sides. The Russians are therefore well aware
that the future may bring complications which will
tax even the forces of mighty Russia, whether the anti-
Chinese policy be persisted in or not. Indeed, so
serious is the situation that a few years ago—during
the debate on the new railway through the Amur
district—warning voices were not wanting in the
Duma and in the press, which described the future
in very gloomy colours ; and Russian policy in the
East was characterized as not far short of adventurous.

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