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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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Extent and natural features : Climate : Gold : Natives :
Population : Access and railway projects : The new line :
Labourers : Length and cost : Sections and engineers : Hygiene
and schools : The Central Amiir plain : Drainage and arable
land : Difficulties of the work : Fertility : Good farm land :
By trolley and motor-car : The Little Khingån : A park of
oaks : Birå : Forest country and game : Tunnels and frozen
soil : Fertile land : The longest tunnel : Two motor-cars
disabled : Liquor smugglers and brigandage : Deposits in an
ancient lake
THE Amiir district is an inland country, cut off
from the sea on the east by the Maritime
Province ; on the south and south-west it borders on
Manchuria, the Amiir forming the frontier ; on the west
it marches with Transbaikalia, and on the north with
the province of Yakutsk. It has an area of about
154,000 square miles, about a quarter as large again as
Norway. From east to west it has an extent of over 600
miles, and from north-east to south-west of from 185
to 340 miles. It is a mountainous country made up of
several comparatively little known ranges, which ap
parently do not exceed an altitude of 6900 feet. The
Stanovoi (or Yåblonovi) Mountains extend along the
northern boundary and form the watershed between
the Amiir and the Lena. Between the rivers Séya
and Buréya are the Turån Mountains, and farther east
are the Buréya Mountains, which are approximately

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