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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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is a good hay-crop ; but the fishing in the river cannot
be of much account. We see many Chinese at all the
stations now; this is very different from the Amiir
District, where we saw none. And so we rejoined the
Eastern Chinese line, over which we had travelled a few
weeks before south-westward to Manchuria, at the
point where it crosses the Ingodå. We arrived at the
large station of Karimskaya, which will doubtless form
the terminus of the Amiir line. Henceforward we were
to travel by the regular trains. Unfortunately the
express for Russia had just left, and the next one would
not go for two days ; it would not have paid us to wait
for it, and our carriage was therefore attached to the
ordinary passenger train, which was the quickest one
Farther on I was struck by the size of the firs that
grew up the hill-sides and on the level ground by the
river ; it was almost like a Norwegian forest, and had
it not been for the houses here and there, one might
have been in Norway. On the level ground towards
the river we saw one haystack after another scattered
about. It is altogether different from the country we
were travelling through yesterday ; and this seems
strange, as the highest point on the Amiir line, the water
parting between the Amasår and the Uryiim, was
2755 feet above the sea, and Chitå, which we are now
coming to, stands at 2148 feet. This is not a great
difference in altitude, but there is, nevertheless, a
considerable difference in temperature. The mean
temperature for the year at Chitå is about —2° C.
(28-4° F.) ; at Nyérchinsk it is about -4° C. (24-8° F.),
and at Ksényevski, the highest station on the Amiir line,
it is also about —4° C. (24’8° F.). The mean tempera
ture for December 1911 at the last-named place was
— 39° C. ( — 38*2° F.) ; the mean of the daily minimum

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