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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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We arrived at Yekaterinenburg during the forenoon,
and were received at the station by the Mayor and
spokesman of the town, the President, Secretary and
members of the Geographical Society, and many others,
and every kind of hospitality was shown us. I visited
the museum and saw geological and mineralogical
specimens from this incredibly rich country, which has
almost every kind of wealth the rocks can give. We
also saw valuable collections of archæology, ethnography
and ornithology, and there was much that was interest
ing. Then we saw all the country can produce in the
way of polished stones and jewellery of various kinds.
Wc also saw a little of this handsome hill town. What
appeared to me one of its most remarkable buildings
was a palace that a rich gold-mine proprietor had built
for himself, no doubt because he did not know what to
do with his money. But it is so large that after his
death no one could live in it, and now the whole palace
with all its glories has been turned into a printing office.
After a pleasant dinner with Mr. Beer, chief engineer,
and his amiable family, we went on to a meeting of the
Geographical Society in the evening, where I gave a
lecture on the voyage to the Yenisei. Here, again,
great interest was shown in the development of this
sea-route, which however can scarcely affect this
particular town. I was received with great kindness,
and was presented with a diploma and a handsome gift
in commemoration of my visit to the town and of its
industry in precious stones. Our stay ended in our
being tåken to the handsome opera house, where we
heard the first act of Tchaikovsky’s Spardam. But
the tram went at 8.49 p.m., and unfortunately we were
obliged to take our leave without hearing any more of
this beautiful music.
Saturday, October 25. Now we are through the

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