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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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BY September 10, a week after we had left for the south
on the Omul, the loading of the Correct was finished, and
on the afternoon of that day she weighed anchor and started
on her homeward voyage. On September 12, to the south of
Dickson Island, they met with a good deal of floating ice, and
this extended on the west towards Vilkitsky Island, but was
there for the most part slack. Farther west through the Kara
Sea they encountered no ice. For some days they had a strong
head-wind, at times increasing to a gale, with heavy sea, so that
the ship made little headway. On September 16 the Correct
passed through the Kara Strait, and at midnight between Sep
tember 19 and 20 she arrived at South Honnings-vag, without
being obstructed by ice in any part of the voyage.
Not many days after us two Russian ships also sailed east
ward through the Kara Sea. Captain Charles J. Spahde in
the trawler Sapad encountered ice on August 12 (1913) to the
west of Yugor Shar, and entered the Kara Sea towards the same
evening through that strait. This was two days after the
Correct passed through the Kara Strait. The sea was open,
and a course was made north-westward through the Kara Sea.
But about seventy sea-miles from the Yugor Strait, Spahde
again met with ice on the morning of August 14, and followed
its edge for a long way to the north-west ; but as the ice did not
appear to offer any passage in that quarter, he turned and went
to the south-east, until he came into the proximity of the land
on the south side of the Kara Sea. Here, he got through the
ice in the direction of Yamal, apparently by the same long,
open bay which we saw extending north-eastward in the ice

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