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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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on the night between August 11 and 12, three days before
He then went northward through the ice off the coast of
Yamal for the next few days, but farther out to sea than the
Correct, and found the ice more open there. On August 18
he had got as far north as latitude 73° 56’ N. and about longitude
67° E., but had heavy and difficult ice to the east of him all the
way. He went southward again to look for a passage through
the ice. At last, on August 20, he succeeded in getting through
and into open sea on the north side of White Island, and then
sailed past the latter southward into the Gulf of Obi. The
Sapad had sprung a bad leak during her passage through the
ice through bumping against the floes.
On August 22, 23, and 24, they were trawling in the Gulf of
Obi, but without result, as the sturgeon they were fishing for
had already gone up the Obi. On August 26 Spahde was
back off the northern extremity of White Island on his way
home. Here he encountered ice and had to reduce speed for
some hours, until in the evening he was able to go full-speed again
between big floes. The next day he went southward off the
coast of Yamal through ice to Cape Kharosovai in latitude
71° 7’ N., beyond which the sea was free of ice, and on the
following day, August 28, Spahde passed through the Yugor
Strait going west.
General N. Morosov, in the Government ship Nikolai 11,
left Archangel in the middle of July and attempted to go through
the Yugor Strait or the Kara Strait, but was stopped by im
penetrable ice to the west of Vaigach, and cruised in this ice
for some days without being able to go forward ; and the
steamers Dan and Vasslån, which were to bring stores for the
wireless stations, did the same. Morosov then tried Matochkin
Shar, and passed through it without difficulty on August 16.
He made a course due east in open sea, until, seventy sea-miles
from the strait, he encountered scattered ice. This soon
became more closely packed, and after going seventy miles more
through the ice, he was stopped. He then tried going round the
north of it, and arrived in about latitude 74° 45’ N. along the
compact edge of the ice. Finding it hopeless to get round to

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