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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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Willem de Vlamingh, sailed round the north of Novaya
Zemlya to Barentsz’s winter harbour, and from there to
the south-east to about latitude 74° N., somewhere to
the north of the estuary of the Obi or Yenisei in perfectly
open sea.
During the great northern expedition the&Russians
resumed serious attempts to explore the Kara Sea and the
1734-coast of Siberia eastward in the years 1734-39, and after
39 several years of effort Maluigin and Skuratov succeeded
in making their way past Yamal and White Island into
the Gulf of Obi in 1737.
Among Russians who have more recently performed
sp.ecial service in the exploration of the coasts of the Kara
Sea, maybe mentioned Savva Fofanov Loshkin, who circum
navigated Novaya Zemlya in 1741-42 (?) ; Rosmuislov,
who went through Matochkin Shar (1768-69) ; Pakhtusov
and Tsivolka (1833-35), who sailed along the east coast of
Novaya Zemlya ; von Båer (1837), and Paul von Krusen-
1860 stern, who, in 1860, went through the Kara Strait and
found the Kara Sea entirely free of ice, but had to turn
back on September 13 on account of imperfect outfit.
1862 On August 15, 1862, he made his way to the eastward
through the Yugor Strait, found much ice, was surrounded,
and drifted on to the east until on August 26 he sighted
Yamal, and then drifted northward with the ice, until he
and his crew abandoned the vessel on September 17, and
with the help of the Samoyedes reached Obdorsk overland.
After that time the Norwegian sealers in their small
vessels began to extend their voyages to the eastward in
search of new hunting-grounds, thereby inaugurating a
new epoch in the navigation of the Kara Sea.
1868. In 1868 the sealing skipper, Elling Carlsen, in a sloop from
Hammerfest entered the Kara Sea by the Kara Strait and
returned by Yugor Shar.
1869. In 1869 Carlsen pushed on to the neighbourhood of
White Island, and laid his homeward course to Norway
through Matochkin Shar. In the same year the Norwegian
sealing skipper, Edvard Johansen, sailed through the
Kara Strait on June 29, and crossed the Kara Sea in

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