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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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perfectly ice-free water to the coast of Yamal, followed
this coast northward to White Island, which he reached
on August 7, then crossed the Kara Sea again, and went
southward along the east coast of Novaya Zemlya to the
Kara Strait, and through it back to Norway. In the
same summer the English sportsman, Major John Palliser,
sailed through Matochkin Shar across the Kara Sea to the
neighbourhood of White Island, and back through the
Yugor Strait.
In the succeeding years Norwegian sealing skippers
sailed through the Kara Sea in all directions.
1870 was a specially favourable year, and the Kara Sea
was found to be practically free of ice as early as the first
part of August.
1871 was also a fairly favourable ice year, especially in the
northern part of the Kara Sea. On September 12 sealing
skipper Mack reached latitude 75° 25’ N. and longitude
82° 30’ E. in open water. He thus went farther east than
the mouth of the Yenisei.
1872 and 1873 were unfavourable years, with much
ice in the Kara Sea.
But in 1874 the conditions were better again, and many
Norwegian sealing skippers sailed through the Kara Sea
in all directions. In this year, too, the Englishman,
Joseph Wiggins, made his way through the Kara Strait
and the Kara Sea round the north of White Island to a
point north of the Obi estuary, from which he returned,
passing through the Kara Strait on August 28.
In 1875 Baron Nordenskiold sailed in the Norwegian
sealing sloop, Prdven (Skipper Isaksen), through the Yugor
Strait on August 2, crossed the almost ice-free Kara Sea,
and reached Dickson Island to the north of the Yenisei
estuary on August 15.
In 1876 the ice conditions were again favourable. Norden
skiold went with the steamer Ymer and a cargo through
Matochkin Shar on August 5, and reached the Yenisei
estuary on August 15. Captain Wiggins also took a
steamer through the Kara Strait on August 3, and arrived
off the estuary of the Yenisei on September 9.

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