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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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In 1877 the ice conditions were favourable, and one or
two steamers reached the mouths of the Yenisei and Obi.
In 1878, when Nordenskiold set out on his expedition in
the Vega, the Kara Sea was almost entirely free of ice at
the beginning of August, and several steamers went out
and home through the Kara Sea that summer, among them
that of Captain Wiggins, who sailed to the Gulf of Obi.
Farther north the sea was also unusually free of ice, and
the sealing skipper, Edvard Johansen, went round the
north of Novaya Zemlya and so far to the east that he
sighted land on the Taimyr Peninsula and discovered
Lonely Island (Ensomheten).
In 1879 the ice conditions were less favourable for the
passage through the straits, and no fewer than six cargo
steamers and one såiling ship tried in vain to get through
to the Obi that way. One ship, the Neptun, succeeded in
entering the Kara Sea by Matochkin Shar on September 3,
but she was forced to return by ice. Captain Dallman, in
the steamer Louise, on the other hand, managed to get
through the Yugor Strait on September 8 or 9 and into the
Kara Sea, which he found almost free of ice, and on
September 13 he reached Golchikha on the Yenisei estuary,
from whence he returned through the Yugor Strait on
October 11. Several Norwegian sealing skippers sailed
through the Kara Sea that summer.
Nor were the ice conditions in the Kara Sea particularly
favourable in 1880. One or two steamboats had to turn
back without entering the Kara Sea, while the steamer
Neptun reached the Gulf of Obi, and was back in the Yugor
Strait on September 19. Sibiriakov, in the steamer Oscar
Dickson, with the schooner Nordland sometimes in tow,
crossed the Kara Sea, and reached the neighbourhood
of Vilkitsky Island on September 24, where the vessels
ran aground and were surrounded by ice. They finally
reached Gyda Bay, but were afterwards wrecked in the
1881 was a more favourable ice year, whentwo steamers and
some lighters made their way to the estuary of the Yenisei.
1882 was a particularly unfavourable ice year in the Kara

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