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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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telegraphic information from the cutters lying in the ice in
different directions, and this will, of course, be of the greatest
importance to navigation.
But for obtaining a survey of the distribution of the ice and
giving an immediate report of it, aeroplanes or waterplanes will
be far better than even these motor-cutters. The distance
from the wireless station at Mora Sale, in Yamal, to the wireless
station on Yugor Strait is not more than 120 nautical miles,
and the distance from Yamal across to the wireless station on
Vaigach is something like 160 nautical miles. These distances
are such as may be easily covered by the aeroplanes of our time,
and it is obvious that by flying along these lines—say, from the
station at Mora Sale to the station on Yugor Strait or Vaigach,
or in the contrary direction—once a week, an airman would
enable these stations to give the most reliable information of
the distribution of the ice. If it should prove desirable, there
would be little trouble in establishing one or two depots of
petrol on the northern part of the coast of Yamal, say, about
latitude 71° and another farther north. An aeroplane could
then easily fly northward from Mora Sale along the coast of
Yamal to these depots, observing the ice conditions on the way.
After getting a fresh supply of petrol there, it could then fly
straight across the Kara Sea to Vaigach or Yugor Shar, and the
return flight could be made in the other direction. In this way
it would be possible to be kept accurately informed of the ice
conditions in the southern Kara Sea.
If in addition a wireless station were established at Matochkin
Shar, with an aeroplane attached to it, it would be possible to
obtain information of the ice conditions and prospects of navi
gation in that part of the sea also.
It is probable that aeroplanes or waterplanes employed in
this way will, in future, be an important aid to navigation in such
waters as these, especially as the expenses they involve hardly
seem to be insuperable. On the plain of Yamal, on the Yugor
Strait, and in Vaigach there can be no difficulty in finding
sufficient level ground for the ascent and descent of aeroplanes.
Nor will there be any trouble in rising or landing with an aero
plane on the large floes that lic off the shores.
As it appears to be agreed on all hands that a successful

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