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57 mm. (2 1/4 inch.) air defence gun.


consists of guns, from a calibre of 30.5 cms to smaller pieces, projectiles, armour-plate
and air-tubes for torpedoes.

With regard to the guns, we have previously mentioned that these are made of
unforged cast steel. In order to increase its toughness, strength and power of resistance
to wear, nickel and some chromium are added. Thanks to the care taken in its
manufacture, this steel has been proved to have just as good qualities as the best
forged metal, and the guns manufactured can very well stand comparison with the
products of the best gun factories in the world.

The guns are built in the ordinary manner in one or more layers of rings or mantles
around an internal solid tube. When the materials have been cast in an outer form –
which approximately corresponds to the solid tube or mantle to be used – they are
turned and drilled, then heated, hardened in oil and annealed. Then follows the
construction proper of the gun, the mantling, the rifling of the barrel and the finishing
off of the details.

All large guns are fitted with the splendid Silversparre breech-loading mechanism

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