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ing of the extension of the privileges, or manufacturing rights already granted to the

As far as the quality of the products is concerned, it may be confidently asserted
that Fagersta is one of the foremost steel-works in Sweden. If it be asked how this
position has been attained, the answer is: by the employment of nothing but the
very best iron ores; by the use of no other fuel than charcoal for the blast furnaces;
by the exact control and testing of the quality of the products, and, finally,
because of the fact that Fagersta has always had the advantage of enjoying the services
of an exceedingly capable staff of engineers, foremen and workmen.

We give below some information respecting each separate department.


Fagersta obtains most of its ore-supplies from the celebrated iron-field of Norberg,
where the Company is the sole possessor of the Malmkärra Mine, besides being a
large shareholder in several of the other mines, such as Stortägtsgruvan, Storgruvan
Gröndalsgruvorna, in the Klackbergsfält iron field, &c.

We give below some analyses of the celebrated ores on which the pig iron
manufacture at Fagersta is chiefly based:

Gröndals- Malmkärra- Stortägts-

grufvan grufvan grufvan

Fe2O3 - - 39-29

Fe2O3FeO 64’39 77’09 33*97

Fe O 532 - -

MnO 4’58 0.28 0’54

Mg O 8-18 5’26 0-96

Ca O 2’90 2’86 1’90

A12O3 3’18 0’45 0’50

SiO2 T35 12-34 22’90

Fe 50.81 55-80 52’10

P 0*002 0’005 0-004

S 0’036 0.022 0-016

Cu - trace 0*005


These are 5 in number, three of which are at Fagersta and the other two at
Väs-tanfors. The total capacity amounts to about 50,000 tons of pig iron per year. The

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