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THE Surahammar Company, Ltd., manufactures iron and steel, wood-pulp,
paper, saw-mill products and bricks. As an auxiliary to its industrial
enterprises it carries on farming on a large scale, operates flour-mills etc.

The chief centres of the Company’s activity are: SPÄNNARHYTTAN, with mines and
pig-iron manufacture; NORDANSJÖ, with saw-mills; SURAHAMMAR, with steel works
and saw mills; SVANÅ, with Lancashire works and saw mills, and SÖRSTAFORS, with
paper mills. The Company owns power stations in the Kolbäck River at
Västerkvarn, Hallstahammar, Ålsätra and Surahammar, and the large forest- and farming
estates of Lisjö, Surahammar, Svanå and Spännarhyttan. All the domains are
situated in the province of Vestmanland within a belt, stretching from north to
south, the average distance of
which is hardly 80 miles from
Stockholm; the most important
places, from an industrial point
of view, are situated either in
the immediate neighbourhood
of a railway station, e. g.,
Sura-hammar and Svanå, or have a
side track running from a station
to the industrial establishment,
e. g. Spännarhyttan. The
Sura-hammar Works have the ad-

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