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abbedissa abbess

abborr‖e perch -stim shoal of perch

abbot abbot -s|stift abbacy

abc ABC -bok ABC(spelling)-book

abdiker‖a itr abdicate -ing abdication

aber but; ett ~ a drawback

Abessinien Abyssinia

abiturient matriculation candidate

abnorm a abnormal

abonn‖emang subscription ⁅ to⁆
-emangs|föreställning season-ticket
performance -ent subscriber -era itr
subscribe ⁅ to (for)⁆

abrupt a abrupt

absolut I a absolute; ~ omöjlighet
utter impossibility II adv absolutely;
utterly; ~ inte not .. on any account
-ion absolution -ist teetotaller

absolvera tr pass

absor‖bera tr absorb -ption absorption

abstr‖ahera tr itr abstract -akt I a
abstract II adv abstractly

absurd a absurd, preposterous

accent accent; ⁅tonvikt⁆ stress;
musikalisk ~ intonation -uera tr
accentuate, stress

accept acceptance -era tr accept

accidenstryck job-printing

accis excise [duty]

acetylen acetylene

ack itj oh [dear]! ⁅högre stil⁆ alas!

acklamationmed by⁆ acclamation

acklimatisera tr acclimatize

ackompanj‖atris accompan[y]ist -era
tr accompany

ackord ⁅mus.⁆ chord; ⁅allm.⁆
agreement, contract ⁅ for⁆; ~ by
contract -era itr negotiate ⁅om
about⁆, bargain ⁅om for⁆ -s|arbete
contract (piece-)work

ackreditera tr 1 accredit 2 open a
credit for ⁅hos en bank at a bank⁆

ackumul‖ator accumulator -era tr

ackusativ accusative

ackuschörska accoucheuse ⁅fr.⁆

ackvisit‖ion acquisition -ör insurance

add‖era tr add up -ition addition
-itions|tecken plus (positive) sign

adel noble birth; ~n the nobility,
⁅Engl. äv.⁆ the peerage -s|kalender
Peerage -s|man noble[man]

adept adept; ⁅nybörjare⁆ tyro

aderton räkn eighteen -de räkn
eighteenth, 18th -hundra eighteen
hundred; på ~talet in the nineteenth
century; på ~åttiotalet in the
eighties -årig a eighteen-year [old]

adjektiv adjective -isk a adjectival

adjutant aide-de-champ ⁅fr.⁆ ⁅hos to⁆

adjö itj s good-bye

adl‖a tr ennoble ⁅äv. bildl.⁆; ⁅Engl.⁆
raise to the peerage, ⁅lågadel⁆ make
a knight -ig a noble; of noble family

administr‖ation administration -ativ
a administrative -era tr administrate

adopt‖era tr adopt -iv|barn adopted

adress address; ~ Hr X c/o (care of)
Mr. X -at addressee -era tr address;
fel ~d misdirected -kalender
directory -lapp [address (luggage-)]label

a-dur A major

advent Advent -ist Adventist

adverb adverb -ial o. -iell a adverbial

advokat lawyer; ⁅jur. ombud⁆ solicitor;
⁅vid domstol⁆ barrister -byrå lawyer’s
office; firm of solicitors -yr quibbling,

aero‖nautisk a aeronautic[al] -plan

affekt sentiment, gush of feeling -erad
a affected -ions|värde sentimental

affisch bill; ⁅större⁆ placard, poster

affär 1 business; ⁅transaktion⁆
bargain; ⁅lokal⁆ shop; ha dåliga ~er be
in financial difficulties; göra ~er
transact business; göra ~er i do
business in; tala om ~er talk business
(shop) 2 göra stor ~ av make a great
fuss of

affärs‖anställd shop-assistant
-förbindelse business connection -idkare
tradesman -innehavare proprietor
[of a business], shopkeeper -man
business man -mässig a businesslike

Afrika npr Africa a-n a-nsk a African

afton evening; god ~ good evening;
i ~ this evening, to-night; i går ~
yesterday evening -bön, läsa ~ say
one’s prayers -skola night-school
-stjärna evening star -sång evening
song (service); ⁅katol.⁆ vespers

aga I flogging II tr flog

agat agate

ag‖ent agent -entur agency, agentship
-era itr tr act; de ~nde the actors

agg grudge, rancour; hysa ~ mot bear
a grudge towards

aggregat aggregate; ⁅elektr.⁆ set

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