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aggressiv a aggressive -itet

agio ⁅hand.⁆ agio

agit‖ation agitation -ations|möte
propaganda meeting -ator agitator;
propagandist -era itr agitate; ⁅vid
val⁆ canvass

1 agn husk; ~ar chaff

2 agn ⁅fiske⁆ bait, gudgeon -a tr itr,
~ [] bait

agraff agraffe, clasp, buckle

agr‖ar agrarian -ikultur agriculture
-onom agronomist

ah itj oh! -a itj aha! ha, ha! oho!

aj itj ah [dear]! ~, ~! oh dear, oh

ajournera tr rfl adjourn

akademi academy; ⁅universitet⁆
university -elev academy pupil -ker
academician; university don -sk a
acaderaic[al]; university .. -stat[en
the] university teaching staff

akleja columbine

akrobat acrobat -isk a acrobatic

1 akt 1 ⁅handling; teat.⁆ act;
ceremony 2 ⁅urkund⁆ document

2 akt, förklara i ~ proscribe, outlaw

3 akt, ge ~ på pay attention to; giv
attention! ta .. i ~ avail o.s. of ..;
ta sig i ~ för be on one’s guard
against -a I tr 1 take care of;
guard, protect ⁅för from⁆ 2 = anse
3 = värdera II itr, ~ på heed III rfl,
~ sig för att
take care not to; ~ sig
beware of; ~ er! take care! look

akter stern; ~ om astern of; ~ över
(ut) astern -lanterna stern light
-städerska saloon stewardess

aktie share -bolag joint-stock
company; ~et A. B. A.B., Limited (ltd.)
-brev share [certificate] -emission
issue of shares -ägare share-holder

akt‖ion action -iv a active -ivist
activist -ivitet activity

aktning respect; ⁅allmän⁆ esteem;
⁅hänsyn⁆ regard, deference; inge ~
inspire respect -s|värd a entitled to
respect; creditable ⁅attempt försök

aktris actress

aktsam a careful ⁅med (om) of⁆ -het

aktstycke [official] document

aktuali‖sera tr actualize -tet
actuality; reality

akt‖uarie ⁅ung.⁆ recording clerk,
registrar -uell a of current interest,
topical; bli ~ come to the fore -ör

akust‖ik acoustics pl -isk a acoustic

akut a s acute

akv‖amarin aquamarine -arell
water-colour [drawing] -arium aquarium
-avit aqua vitae -edukt aqueduct

al alder; av ~ ⁅äv.⁆ alder

alabaster alabaster -lik a alabastine

aladåb ⁅ung.⁆ aspic, galantine

alarm alarm; ⁅friare⁆ hubbub -era tr
alarm -klocka alar[u]m-bell

alban Albanian -sk a Albanian

alb‖inism albinism -ino albino -um
album -umin albumin

aldrig adv 1 never ⁅i livet in all my
life⁆; ~ annat än never anything but;
~ mera never again, nevermore;
nästan ~ hardly ever; ännu ~ never
yet 2 ~ det ever so much; som ~ det
like anything; ~ så litet the least
little bit; de må vara ~ så .. however
.. they are (may be)

alf elf alf- ⁅i sms.⁆ elfish, elfin

alfabet alphabet -isk a alphabetical

alfresko adv [s] alfresco [painting]

alg alga ⁅pl algae⁆

algebr‖a algebra -aisk a algebraic[al]

Alger Algiers -iet Algeria

al‖ias adv alias -ibi alibi

alka great aulk

alkal‖i alkali -isk a alkaline

alkemi alchemy

alkohol alcohol -fri a non-alcoholic
-ism alcoholism -ist inebriate

alkov alcove, recess

all I pron all; ~a människor
everybody, all the people; en gång för ~a
once for all; hur i ~ världen? how on
earth? en för ~a och ~a för en jointly
and severally; i ~o in all respects;
hans ~t i ~o[m] his factotum (all in
all) -a|handa = -e|handa -a|redan adv
already -bekant a well-known
-daglig a everyday; commonplace -deles
adv quite; altogether; absolutely
(perfectly) ⁅rätt right⁆; completely
häpen taken aback⁆; det gör mig ~
it makes no difference at
all to me -denstund konj inasmuch as

allé avenue, ⁅äv.⁆ walk

allegor‖i allegory -isk a allegorical

allehanda I a of all sorts, miscellaneous
II s sundries ⁅pl.⁆

allen‖a a adv alone -a|rådande a in
sole control -ast adv only

allestädes adv everywhere
-närvarande a omnipresent, ubiquitous

all‖farväg highroad, ⁅äv.⁆ turnpike
-god a all-good

alli‖ans alliance -erad I a allied ⁅med
to⁆ II s ally; de ~e the allies

alligator alligator

allitter‖ation alliteration -era itr tr

allmakt omnipotence

allmoge country people(-folk);
peasantry -möbel ⁅ung.⁆ cottage
furniture -stil ⁅ung.⁆ rustic (rural) style

allmosa alms

allmän a common; ordinary; ⁅-nelig⁆
general; ⁅äv.⁆ universal; ~na
public opinion; ~ tro popular

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