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belief; ~t rykte current report; ~t
prevalent; i det ~nas tjänst
in the public service -bildad a with
an all-round education -giltig a of
universal application -het 1 i ~
generally, as a rule 2 ~en the public
-mänsklig a related to our common
humanity -nelig a catholic;
universal -ning common -t adv commonly;
generally; ~ utbredd widespread

allor ⁅spel.⁆ doublet

allra adv of all; den ~ bästa the best of
all; de ~ flesta the great majority,
most people; ~ helst above all, most
(best) of all; ~ helst som more
especially as; i ~ högsta grad in the
highest possible degree

allrådande a omnipotent, all-powerful

alls adv at all; ingenting ~ nothing
whatever; inte ~ ⁅äv.⁆ by no means

all‖seende a all-seeing -sidig a
all-round, comprehensive -sköns a, i
~ bekvämlighet
entirely at one’s ease
-s|mäktig a almighty, omnipotent;
Gud ~ God Almighty

allt I s all; ~ möjligt everything
imaginable; framför ~ before
everything, above all; ~ utom anything
but; när ~ kommer omkring after
all; mitt ~ all the world to me; för ~
i världen
for all the world II adv 1
~ bättre och bättre better and better;
i ~ större utsträckning to an ever
increasing extent; ~ efter according
to; ~ eftersom according as; ~
from time to time, now
and then; ~ ifrån all the way from;
⁅om tid⁆ ever since; ~ igenom
throughout, thoroughly; ~ intill
right up to the end, to the very
end 2 det vore ~ bra it would
certainly be a capital thing -för adv all
(quite) too, altogether

all‖tid adv always; för ~ for ever
(good); som ~ as ever -t|ihop pron
all [of it (them)], the whole lot [of
it (them)] -ting everything

allt‖jämt adv still, all the while;
⁅ideligen⁆ continually, constantly -mer
adv more and more -nog adv in
short, anyhow -så adv so;
accordingly, consequently

allvar earnest; seriousness; på ~ in
earnest; göra ~ av set about in
earnest; tala ~ med speak seriously
to; är det ert ~? are you serious (in
earnest)? situationens ~ the gravity
of the situation -lig a serious; grave
⁅danger fara-sam a serious

all‖vetande a all-knowing, omniscient
-ätare omnivore

alm elm; av ~ elmwood

aln ell -vis adv by the ell

alp alp; A~erna the Alps

alp‖bestigare alpine (alp-)climber -flora
alpine flora -glöd alpen-glow -ros
rhododendron -stav alpenstock

alruna ⁅bot.⁆ mandrake

alst‖er product; ⁅friare⁆ production;
⁅koll.⁆ produce -ra tr produce, bring
forth, generate; ⁅friare⁆ engender,
beget -ring generation, procreation;
⁅äv. konkr.⁆ production -rings|drift
generative (procreative) instinct
-rings|förmåga productiveness

alt alto, ⁅oftast⁆ contralto

altan roof balcony; leads

altar‖bord communion-table -e altar;
~ts sakrament the Eucharist -kärl
sacred vessel -ring -rund
altar(communion)-rails -skåp triptych,
reredos -tavla altar piece

altern‖ativ a s alternative -at|vinkel
alternate angle -era itr alternate

alt‖fiol viola -flöjt alto (bass) flute

altru‖ism altruism -ist[isk a]

aluminium aluminium

alun alum; ⁅kem. äv.⁆ potash alum

amanuens amanuensis; ⁅i verk⁆
principal clerk; ⁅i klinik, bibliotek⁆
assistant [surgeon, librarian]

amason Amazon A-floden the [River]

amatör amateur ⁅ of, in⁆; ⁅sport.⁆
gentleman -skap amateurship

ambassad embassy -ör ambassador

ambition ambition; self-respect

ambul‖ans ambulance -ans|vagn
ambulance car -erande a ambulatory

amen itj s amen

Amerik‖a America; ~s Förenta stater
the United States of America (U. S. A.)

a-an a-ansk a American a-anska 1
American 2 ⁅kvinna⁆ American
woman (girl, lady) a-anare = a-an
a-a|resa journey (voyage) to America

ametist amethyst

amfibie amphibian

amiral admiral -inna admiral’s wife
-itet body of admirals -s|person
flag-officer, admiral

amma I [wet-]nurse II tr nurse,
suckle; feed

ammoni‖ak ammonia -um ammonium

ammunition ammunition -s|fabrik

amnesti amnesty; ge ~ åt amnesty

amning nursing, suckling

a-moll ⁅mus.⁆ A minor

amorter‖a tr amortize, redeem; ⁅äv.⁆
pay off -ing amortization, [gradual]
extinction; ~ar part payments

1 amp|el a, -la lovord unstinted
encomiums, unqualified commendation

2 ampel hanging flower-basket

amper a pungent, sharp

amputer‖a tr amputate -ing

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