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amsaga nursery (old wives’) tale

amulett amulet; mascot

an I ⁅på räkning⁆ to II adv, av och ~
to and fro, up and down

ana tr have a presentiment
(premonition, foreboding); ~ oråd suspect
mischief; intet ont ~nde unsuspecting;
jag ~de ej att I had no idea that;
jag ~de det I suspected (thought) as

anakronism anachronism

analfabet illiterate

analog a analogous ⁅med to⁆ -i
analogy -i|bildning analogical formation

anal‖ys analys|is (pl -es) -ysera tr
analyse -ytisk a analytic[al]

anamma tr 1 receive; accept; partake
of 2 fan ~! devil take it! 3
⁅tillägna sig⁆ appropriate, seize

ananas pine-apple

anark‖i anarchy -ist anarchist -istisk
a anarchical, anarchist

anatom anatomist -i anatomy -i|sal
dissecting-room -isk a anatomical

anbefalla tr 1 ⁅ålägga⁆ enjoin 2
⁅förorda⁆ recommend 3 ⁅anförtro⁆

an‖belanga tr, vad mig ~r far as I
am concerned -blick sight;
appearance, aspect; vid ~en av at the sight
of; vid första ~en at first sight
-bringa tr fix, introduce; fit; put
up; ⁅kraft⁆ apply; ⁅placera⁆ place
-bud offer; ⁅hand. äv.⁆ tender; få ~
have an offer for (⁅att köpa⁆ of);
ge ~ på tender for

anciennitet seniority; standing

and [wild] duck

and|a = -e 1—3

andakt devotion; ⁅konkr.⁆ devotions
⁅pl.⁆ -s|bok devotional manual -s|full
a devotional; devout, reverential
-s|stund devotional hour

andas itr tr dep breathe; respire; ~ in
inhale; ~ ut ⁅bildl.⁆ breathe freely

and|e 1 ⁅luft⁆ breath; med -an i halsen
out of breath; dra -an draw one’s
breath; hålla -an hold one’s breath;
hämta -an get one’s breath; ge upp
expire, give up the ghost 2 ⁅själ⁆
spirit; ⁅intelligens⁆ mind, intellect;
-ens värld the spiritual (intellectual)
world; de i -en fattiga the poor in
spirit; i -anom in the spirit 3 ⁅väsen⁆
spirit, ⁅äv.⁆ ghost, genius; ⁅ngns
onda ~ evil genius (spirit); den
Helige A~
the Holy Ghost (Spirit) 4
besläktade -ar kindred spirits 5
⁅stämning⁆ spirit; när -an faller på
when the spirit moves him

ande‖besvärjare raiser of spirits,
exorcist, exorcizer -drag breath;
respiration -dräkt breath -fattig a
dull-brained, fatuous; ⁅sak⁆ uninspired

andel share -s|bevis share certificate
-s|företag co-operative
(profit-sharing) undertaking

andemening spirit, inward sense

Anderna the Andes

ande‖tag breath -väsen spiritual being,

andfådd a out of breath; vara ~ be
winded (pumped) -het breathlessness

andhämtning breathing, respiration

andlig a 1 ⁅okroppslig⁆ spiritual;
intellectual 2 ⁅ej världslig⁆ spiritual;
⁅kyrklig⁆ ecclesiastical, ⁅äv.⁆ clerical;
⁅ej profan⁆ sacred -en adv mentally

andlös a breathless -t adv breathlessly

andmat ⁅bot.⁆ duckweed

andning breathing, respiration
-s|organ respiratory organ

andr|a se -e o. annan

andraga tr advance, set forth; state

andra‖gradsekvation equation of the
second degree -hands- second-hand
-kammar- of the Second Chamber
-klass- second-class; second-rate
-klassist second-form boy

andr‖e -a I se annan II räkn second

and‖rum breathing-room; ⁅bildl.⁆
breathing-space -täppa shortness of

andäktig a 1 devout, pious 2 attentive
-het devoutness, piety

anekdot anecdote

anem‖i anæmia -isk a anæmic

anfall attack, assault, charge; ⁅bildl.
äv.⁆ fit -a tr attack, assail -s|krig
aggressive war -s|vis adv aggressively

anfäkt‖a tr harass, haunt, obsess -else

anför‖a tr 1 command, lead 2 ⁅säga⁆
state, say -ande 1 command[ing]
2 stating; statement; ⁅tal⁆ speech
-are commander -ing discourse

anför‖tro tr entrust, confide; ~ sig åt
confide in -vant relation, connection

angelägen a urgent; important;
anxious -het 1 urgency; importance
2 ⁅ärende⁆ affair, concern

angenäm a pleasant, agreeable

angiv‖a tr 1 ⁅säga⁆ mention 2 report;
denounce -are informer -else
information, denunciation, accusation

anglicism Anglicism

anglosax‖are -isk a Anglo-Saxon

angrepp attack

angrip‖a tr attack; ⁅skada⁆ affect
-are assailant, aggressor

an‖gränsande a adjacent, adjoining
-gå tr 1 concern 2 ⁅avse⁆ have
reference to -hang following; gang -hopa
pile up, amass -hopning piling up

anhåll‖a tr 1 ⁅polis.⁆ apprehend, arrest
2 ask ⁅om for⁆, beg, request; om svar
an answer will oblige -an request

anhängare follower, adherent

anhörig relative; mina ~a my family

anilin aniline

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