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animalisk a animal

aning presentiment, foreboding,
divination; ⁅idé⁆ conception, notion, idea

anka 1 duck 2 ⁅tidnings~⁆ canard

ankar‖e anchor; lyfta (kasta) ~ weigh
(cast) anchor -ur lever-watch

ank‖bonde drake -damm duck-pond

ankel ankle -led ankle-joint

anklag‖a tr 1 accuse ⁅ngn för a p. of⁆
2 ⁅åtala⁆ prosecute ⁅a p. for⁆; sitta
på de ~des bänk
⁅bildl.⁆ be the butt
of the fault-finders -are accuser
-else accusation -else|skrift [written]

anklang 1 echo 2 ⁅bifall⁆ approval

anknyt‖a I tr attach, unite ⁅till to⁆;
~ förbindelse establish intercourse
II itr, ~ till link in with -ning 1
attachment, connection 2 ⁅konkr.⁆
connecting-link; ⁅tel.⁆ private branch
-nings|punkt point of connection

ankomm‖a itr 1 arrive ⁅till at, in⁆
2 ⁅bero⁆ depend ⁅ on⁆; vad därpå
as to (for) that -en a 1 arrived
2 ⁅kött⁆ tainted; ⁅fisk⁆ high; ⁅frukt⁆

ankomst arrival -dag day of arrival

ankr‖a itr anchor -ing anchoring

ank|unge duckling

anlag 1 rudiment, embryo 2
⁅medfött⁆ turn, aptitude, gift, talent;
⁅läk.⁆ tendency ⁅för to⁆, disposition

anledning cause; ⁅skäl⁆ reason ⁅till
for⁆; ⁅tillfälle⁆ opportunity; ge ~ till
give occasion to, cause, lead to; i ~
on account (in consequence) of

anlet‖e visage, face; i sitt ~s svett in the
sweat of one’s brow -s|drag feature

an‖lita tr 1 apply to ⁅ngn a p.⁆ 2
= -vända -lopp 1 ⁅sats⁆ run 2 rush 3
= -fall -lupen a tarnished, discoloured

anlägg‖a tr 1 build, erect, construct;
⁅grunda⁆ found; ~ en park lay out a
park 2 begin to wear -are builder,
founder, constructor -ning 1
foundation, erection, construction 2
⁅byggnad⁆ structure, edifice

anlända itr arrive ⁅till at, in⁆, come

an‖löpa I tr ⚓, call at II itr oxidize,
tarnish -maning request, demand
-marsch advance -moda tr request,
call upon, invite -modan request

anmäl‖a I tr announce; ⁅stöld o. d.⁆
report; vem får jag ~? what name,
please? ~ .. till enter .. for; ~ en
review a book II rfl 1 report
o. s. 2 ⁅till examen o. d.⁆ put o. s.
down, enter one’s name [for an
examination]; ~ sig som elev vid
apply for admission at; ~ sig som
sökande till en befattning
apply for a
situation -an 1 announcement, notice
2 report 3 application[s] ⁅till for⁆
-nings|tid, ~en utgår .. the last day
for applications is ..

anmärk‖a itr tr 1 ⁅säga,
uppmärksamma⁆ remark, observe 2 find
fault ⁅ with⁆; ingenting att ~ på
nothing to object -ning 1 remark
2 ⁅i bok⁆ note 3 ⁅skol.⁆ bad mark
-nings|bok conduct mark-book
-nings|värd a remarkable; notable

annaler annals

annalkande I s approach II a
approaching; ⁅storm äv.⁆ gathering

ann‖an (andre) pron a) other; ngn ~ tid
some other time; b) else; någon ~
someone else; c) ⁅ej lik⁆ different; d)
second; en ~ another, somebody
else; en ~ gång another time;
ett eller -at sätt
in one way or other;
tid efter ~ from time to time; allt
-at än
anything but; ingen ~ än no
other [man] but, no one but; alla de
all the others; å andra sidan on
the other hand -an|dag, ~ jul the day
after Christmas Day; ⁅Engl.⁆
Boxing-day; ~ påsk Easter Monday; ~
Whit-Monday -ars adv
otherwise -at I se -an II s something else;
ingenting ~ än nothing but; jag kan
ej ~ än
I cannot but III adv, ~ än

ann‖ektera tr annex -ex annexe

annons advertisement ⁅efter for; om
about⁆; ⁅döds~ o. d.⁆ announcement
om of⁆ -byrå advertisement office
-era itr tr announce, advertise -ör

annor‖ledes -lunda adv otherwise;
differently -städes adv elsewhere,
somewhere else; ej ~ nowhere else

annot‖ation note -era tr note (take)
down -ering 1 noting 2 note

annuitet yearly instalment

annullera tr annul, cancel

anonym a anonymous -itet anonymity

anor ancestry, ancestors, pedigree; ha
gamla ~
be of ancient lineage

anordn‖a tr arrange, put .. in order;
organize -ing arrangement

anpart share, portion

anpass‖a tr adapt ⁅efter to⁆; ~ sig
adapt o. s. ⁅till, efter to⁆ -ning
adaptation -nings|förmåga adaptability

an|rik a of ancient line

anrop call; ⚔ challenge -a tr 1 call,
challenge; ⚓ hail; ⁅tel.⁆ call up 2
⁅bönfalla⁆ call upon, implore

anryck‖a itr -ande s advance

anrätt‖a tr prepare, cook -ning 1
preparation, cooking 2 ⁅rätt⁆ dish;
⁅koll.⁆ meal

ans care, tending -a tr tend

ansats 1 ⁅början⁆ start; ⁅sport.⁆ run;
göra ~ make a spring 2 impulse
3 ⁅försök⁆ attempt

ansatt a afflicted ⁅av with⁆; hårt ~
hard pressed, in a tight corner

anse tr itr 1 ⁅mena⁆ think, be of

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