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Antillerna the Antilles

antilop antelope

antingen konj either; whether; ~ du
eller jag
either you or I; ~ han vill
eller ej
whether he likes it or not

anti‖pati antipathy -pod antipode
-semit anti-Semite -semitisk a
anti-Semitic -septisk a antiseptic

antologi anthology

antropologi anthropology

an‖träda tr set out (start off) upon,
begin -träffa tr find, meet with

antvard‖a tr deliver .. up ⁅åt to⁆ -ande
s delivery

antyd‖a tr intimate ⁅för ngn to a p.⁆;
suggest, hint at; indicate -an = -ning
-ande a hinting, indicatory -ning 1
intimation; hint; insinuation;
suggestion 2 ⁅spår⁆ vestige, trace

antågande I a approaching, advancing
II s approach, advance

antänd‖a tr set fire to, [set .. on] fire
-bar a inflammable -lighet
inflammability -ning ignition

anvis‖a tr 1 ⁅visa⁆ show, indicate,
point out; direct .. to ⁅a room ett
⁆; ⁅tilldela⁆ allot, assign; ⁅ge
anvisning på⁆ help ⁅a p.⁆ to find 2
⁅utanordna⁆ allot, assign -ning 1
⁅upplysning⁆ direction; ge ~ på ..
recommend .. 2 ⁅bank~⁆ cheque

använd a used, applied; spent; illa ~
misapplied -a tr use; make use of;
⁅anlita⁆ employ, go to -bar a usable,
fit for use, useful ⁅till for⁆ -barhet
fitness for use; serviceableness;
availability -ning use; employment; det
har jag ingen ~ för
I can find no use
for it; komma till ~ come into use

ap‖a I monkey; ape II tr, ~ efter ape,
mimic -aktig a monkeyish, apish

apat‖i apathy -isk a apathetic

apel apple-tree -kastad a dapple

apelsin orange -klyfta orange-pig
-kärna orange-pip -saft orange-juice
-skal orange-peel -träd orange-tree

ap‖hona female (she-)monkey -lik a
monkey-like, monkeyish

apost‖el apostle A-la|gärningarna the
Acts [of the Apostles] -la|hästar,
med ~na on foot -olisk a apostolic

apostrof apostrophe

apotek chemist’s [shop], ⁅Am.⁆
drug-store; ⚓ dispensary -are chemist
and druggist, pharmaceutical chemist
-s|vara chemist’s licensed article

apoteos apotheosis -era tr apotheosize

apparat apparatus

appell call; ⁅jur.⁆ appeal
-ations|domstol court of appeal -era tr appeal

applåd applause; en ~ a cheer -era tr
applaud; ⁅med handklappning⁆
clap -salva round of applause

apportera tr fetch; ⁅jakt.⁆ retrieve

apposition apposition

approb‖atur ⁅betygsgrad⁆ passed -era
tr approve, [let ..] pass

approximativ a approximate

aprikos apricot -träd apricot-tree

april April -väder April weather

apropå I adv by the bye (way); helt ~
incidentally, casually II prep apropos
[of]; ⁅äv.⁆ talking of

aptera tr adapt ⁅till to; för for⁆

aptitgod, klen healthy, poor⁆ appetite
for⁆ -lig a appetizing; ⁅lockande⁆
inviting; föga ~ unappetizing,
uninviting -lighet appetizingness
-retande a, verka ~ tickle (stimulate)
the appetite

arab Arab, Arabian -esk arabesque
A-ien Arabia -isk a Arabian; Arabic
-iska 1 Arabian woman (girl, lady)
2 ⁅språk⁆ Arabic

arbet‖a I itr work; ⁅tungt⁆ labour;
⁅mödosamt⁆ toil; ~ bra do good
work; ~ av work off; ~ bort manage
to eliminate; ~ ihjäl sig work o.s. to
death; ~ upp work up; ~ upp sig
improve [in one’s work]; ~ ut sig wear
o.s. out [with hard work] II tr work
III rfl, ~ sig trött get o. s. tired; ~ sig
make one’s way [in the world]
-ad a manufactured; made; ⁅deg⁆
worked; ⁅metall o. d.⁆ wrought; väl
of good workmanship -ande a
working; labouring; toiling; ~ ledamot
active member; de ~ the workers

arbetar‖befolkning working-class
population -bostäder workmen’s
dwellings -demonstration Labour
demonstration -e workman,
working-man; ⁅jordbruks~⁆ labourer;
⁅fabriks~⁆ hand; ⁅verkstads~⁆ mechanic;
-na the employed -fråga, ~n the
Labour question -förening workmen’s
association -hustru working-man’s
wife -parti, ~et the Labour Party
-personal employees -rörelse, ~n the
Labour Movement

arbet‖e work; ⁅abstr. äv.⁆ labour;
⁅möda⁆ toil; ⁅sysselsättning äv.⁆
employment, job; svenskt ~ Swedish
production; ha ~ hos be employed by,
work for; i ~ at work; huset är under
the work on the house is
proceeding -erska workwoman, working
woman -sam a industrious,
hard-working; ⁅mödosam⁆ laborious
-samhet industriousness, industry

arbets‖avtal contract of employment,
labour contract -betyg character -bi
worker [bee] -bord work-table -brist
scarcity of work -börda load of work;
hans ~ the amount of work he has
on him -chef ⁅i fabrik⁆ [works]
manager -dag workday; working-day
-dräkt working-attire(-clothes)
-duglig a capable of [doing] work -folk
working people; ⁅fabriks⁆ workpeople

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