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-erad a detailed, circumstantial
-handel retail business; ⁅bod⁆ retail

detektiv detective -roman detective

detsamma pron se densamme; det gör
mig alldeles ~
it is all the same to
me; i ~ at that very moment; med
at once

detta pron, se denna; livet efter ~ the
life hereafter

devis device; motto

di, ge ~ suckle, give the breast

diabolisk a diabolic

diadem diadem

dia‖gnos diagnosis -gonal diagonal
-kon deacon -konissa deaconess
-lekt dialect -log dialogue

diamant diamond -ring diamond ring

diameter diameter

diarium ⁅hand.⁆ day-book

diarré diarrhœa

di|barn suckling, nurseling

dieselmotor Diesel motor

diet diet -[et]isk a dietetic

difteri diphtheria

diftong diphthong -era tr

dig pron you; ⁅poet. bibl.⁆ thee

diger a thick -döden the Black Death

digna itr, ~ [ned] sink down, succumb

dik‖a tr ditch -e ditch

1 dikt adv ⚓ close, hard

2 dikt 1 poem; -er ⁅äv.⁆ poetry 2 ⁅lögn⁆

1 dikta tr ⚓ caulk

2 dikt‖a tr itr 1 write, compose 2
⁅hitta på⁆ invent -amen dictation
-an, ~ och traktan aim and endeavour
-are poet -ator dictator -atur
dictatorship -era tr dictate -ning
writing -samling collection of poems

di|lamm tender lamb

dill dill

dilla itr F rave

dim|bild phantom

dimension dimension

diminutiv a diminutive

dimm‖a mist; ⁅tjocka⁆ fog -ig a
misty; foggy: ⁅bildl.⁆ hazy

dimpa itr plump down; fall

din pron 1 ⁅fören.⁆ your; ⁅poet. bibl.⁆
thy 2 ⁅självst.⁆ yours; ⁅poet. bibl.⁆
thine; de ~a your people; ~ idiot!
you idiot!

dingla itr dangle

diplom diploma -at diplomat -ati
diplomacy -atisk a diplomatic

direkt I a direct II adv directly,

direk‖tion direction; ⁅styrelse⁆
directorate, board -tiv line to work upon
-tris manager[ess] -tör director;

dirig‖ent ⁅mus.⁆ conductor -era tr
direct, conduct

dis haze

disciplin discipline

disharmon‖i disharmony -iera itr
disharmonize -isk a disharmonious

disig a hazy -het haziness

disk 1 ⁅bod-⁆ counter; ⁅på krog⁆ bar
2 ~[en] the dishes -a tr itr wash up

diskant ⁅mus.⁆ treble

disk‖balja wash-up pan -borste

diskont‖era tr discount -o discount

diskret a discreet; ⁅färg⁆ decorous
-ion discretion

disk|trasa dish-clout

diskus discus -kastare discus-thrower

disku‖ssion discussion -tera tr itr
discuss; argue

diskvalifi‖cera tr disqualify -cering

dispens exemption; få ~ be granted
exemption -era tr exempt

dispo‖nent manager -nera tr itr
dispose; ~ över have .. at one’s
command -nerad a disposed -nibel a
available -sition disposition; disposal;
till er ~ at your service (disposal)

disp‖utera itr dispute ⁅om about⁆;
⁅univers.⁆ publicly discuss a doctor’s
dissertation -yt dispute, altercation

dis‖sekera tr dissect -sonans
dissonance -tans distance -tansera tr
distance -tingerad a distinguished

distra‖hera tr, ~ ngn distract a p.’s
attention; ~d distraught -ktion
distraction; i ~ in a fit of

distrikt district -[s]läkare district
medical officer

disträ a absent-minded

dit adv 1 ⁅demonstr.⁆ there; ~ ned
(upp, in, ut, bort, över) down (up, in,
out, away, over) there 2 ⁅relat.⁆
where -hörande a relevant,
pertinent -komst arrival there

dito adv ditto

1 ditt pron, se din

2 ditt, ~ och datt this and that, odds
and ends

dit‖tills adv till then -åt adv 1 in that
direction 2 någonting ~ something
like that

diva diva

divan couch

diverse I a sundry, various II sundries
⁅pl.⁆, odds and ends ⁅pl.⁆ -handel
⁅bod⁆ general shop -handlare general

divi‖dera I tr divide ⁅i into⁆ II itr F
chatter -sion division

djungel jungle

djup I a deep; ⁅is. i högre stil o. bildl.⁆
profound ⁅hemlighet secret⁆; ⁅friare⁆
complete, great; ligga i ~ sömn be

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