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dås‖a itr doze -ig a drowsy -ighet

då|varande a, ~ fröken M. Miss M.,
as she was then; ~ kungen the king
of that day

däck 1 ⁅bil-⁆ tyre 2 ⚓ deck; på ~et
on deck -ad a decked -s|plats

däggdjur mammal

dämpa tr moderate, subdue

där adv 1 ⁅demonstr.⁆ there; ~ finns
there’s nothing there; ~
at the back; ~ hemma at home
2 ⁅relat.⁆ where; ett land, ~ .. a
country where ..

där‖an adv, vara illa ~ be in a sad
plight -av adv of (by; from; with;
out of; off) it; han dog ~ he died of
it; ~ följer att .. hence it follows ..
-efter adv after (for; about; according
to; by) that; det blev också ~ the
result was as might have been
expected -emot adv 1 against it 2
⁅tvärtom⁆ on the contrary; ⁅å andra
sidan⁆ on the other hand; då ~
whereas, while

därest konj if

där‖för I adv for (to; of; before; on;
in) it; få betala ~ have to pay for it
II konj therefore; so; ~ att because;
han var ute, och ~ kunde jag inte
he was out, so I could not
come; det var just ~, som .. it was
just on that account that ..; inte ~
att jag är rädd
not because I am
afraid -hän adv to that point; lämna
leave .. open -i adv in that (it,
them); det är ingenting förvånande ~
(~, att han ..) there is nothing
remarkable in that (in his ..-ing ..)
-ibland adv among them -ifrån adv
1 ⁅eg.⁆ from there; han har varit
länge ~
he has been gone from there
a long time; han reser ~ i morgon
he will be leaving to-morrow 2 jag
skall gärna avstå ~
I will gladly give
it up; långt ~ far from it -igenom
adv 1 ⁅eg.⁆ through it (there) 2
⁅medelst detta⁆ thereby; by that;
han gjorde det ~, att han .. he did it
by ..-ing; jag kom för sent till tåget
~, att han ..
I missed my train
through his ..-ing -inifrån adv from
within -innanför adv inside there
-inne adv in there -intill adv close
by; .. gränsar ~ .. is adjacent to it
-inunder adv under there -jämte adv
besides, in addition -med adv by
(with) that; thereby; ~ menade han
by that he meant; ~ gick han
sin väg
with that he departed

där‖nere adv down there -näst adv
next, in the next place -om adv 1
.. ligger öster ~ is situated east of it
2 ⁅ang. den saken⁆ about that (it);
jag vet inte, vad jag skall säga ~ I
don’t know what to say about it
3 jag har bett honom ~ I have asked
him for it (el. to do so) -omkring
adv 1 ⁅omkring det⁆ round it 2 ⁅runt
om i trakten⁆ thereabout 3 ⁅så
ungefär⁆ thereabouts -på adv 1
⁅rum⁆ upon (on, in, to, at) it (them)
2 ⁅tid⁆ after that; then; strax ~
immediately after that; ögonblicket
the next moment 3 ⁅bildl.⁆ upon
(of, by) it; ett bevis ~ är a proof of it
is -städes adv there

där‖till adv 1 ⁅allm.⁆ to (for, into, of,
at, towards) it (that, them); han
bidrog ~
he contributed to it; ~ är
jag inte beredd
I am not prepared for
that; jag skulle ej råda er ~ I should
not advise you to do so 2
⁅dessutom⁆ besides, in addition ⁅to that⁆
-under adv 1 ⁅rum⁆ under
(underneath) it (that, them); det ligger
bestämt ngt ~
there must be
something underneath that 2 ⁅tid⁆
during the time, meanwhile; ~ fick
han ..
while doing so he received ..
3 barn på tolv år och ~ children of
twelve and below; bananer såldes
till .. och ~
bananas were sold at ..
and lower -uppe adv up there -ur
adv out of it -utanför adv outside
there -ute adv out there, outside
-utöver adv above that; upwards;
100 pund sterling och ~ £ 100 and
upwards -vid adv 1 ⁅rum⁆ at (in, on,
along, by, near, close to, beside; of;
to, over) it (that, them) 2 ⁅tid⁆ at
it; on that occasion, then 3 ej fästa
avseende ~
pay no attention to that
-vidlag adv in that respect; on that
subject -åt adv ⁅riktning⁆ towards
it, in that direction; ⁅friare⁆ at it
(that); skratta ~ laugh at it -över
adv over (above; across) it

däst a obese; ⁅mätt⁆ cloyed

däven a damp; insipid

itr tr die ⁅av of, from⁆; ~ bort die

död I a dead II death -a tr 1 kill 2
⁅växel o. d.⁆ cancel -ande s a killing
-dagar, till ~ till death -född a
stillborn -grävare gravedigger -kött
proud flesh -lig a mortal; deadly
-lighet mortality

döds‖annons death notice -arbete, ~t
the death-throes -attest
death-certificate -bringande a deadly -bud
death-tidings pl -bädd deathbed -dag
death-day -dans dance of death
-dom sentence of death -dömd a
sentenced to death; han är ~ ⁅sjuk⁆
he has been condemned by the
doctors -fall death -fara deadly peril
-fiende mortal enemy

död|skalle death’s head

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