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gift‖blandare poison-mixer, poisoner
-bägare poisoned cup

gift‖e marriage -ermål marriage

giftermåls‖anbud offer of marriage
-annons marriage advertisement

gift‖flaska poison bottle -fri a
non-poisonous -gas poisonous gas -ig a
poisonous; venomous ⁅tunga tongue⁆
-ighet poisonousness -mord murder
by poison -tand poison-tooth(-fang)

gigant giant -isk a gigantic

gigg gig

gikt gout -bruten a gouty

giljotin -era tr guillotine

gill a se fullgod; gå sin ~a gång
pursue its appointed (due) course -a
tr approve; approve of ⁅åsikt view⁆
-ande I a approving II approval

gille banquet

gill‖er trap, gin -ra tr set

giltig a valid, lawful -het validity

ginst broom

gips gypsum, plaster[-stone] -a tr 1
plaster 2 ⁅läk.⁆ put into (dress in)
plaster of Paris -avgjutning plaster
cast -figur plaster figure

gir ⚓ yaw, sheer -a itr ⚓ yaw, sheer

giraff giraffe

girig a avaricious, miserly; ~a blickar
covetous glances -buk miser -het
avarice, covetousness, greed

girland garland

giro endorsement -räkning current

giss ⁅mus.⁆ G sharp

gissa tr itr guess

giss‖el scourge -la tr scourge

gisslan hostage

gissning guess, conjecture -s|vis adv
by way of conjecture

gist‖en a leaky -na itr become leaky

gitarr guitar

gitta = idas

giv ⁅kort.⁆ deal -a I tr give;
⁅bevilja⁆ grant; deal ⁅ngn ett slag a p.
a blow⁆; ~ bort give away; ~ efter
yield, give way; ~ ifrån sig ⁅lukt,
ljus⁆ omit, give off; ~ upp give up
II rfl 1 give o.s. ⁅tid time⁆ 2 yield,
give in 3 ~ sig in i enter (embark)
upon -ande a fertile; ⁅bildl.⁆
profitable -are giver; donor -en a given;
en ~ sak a matter of course; ta för
take for granted -et|vis adv of
course -mild a open-handed, generous

gjord girth

gjut‖a tr pour ⁅olja oil⁆; ⁅tårar⁆ shed;
⚙ cast; ⁅forma⁆ mould; sitta som -en
fit like a glove -eri foundry -gods
cast-metal artides, castings -järn
cast-iron -ning casting &c -sand

glac‖éhandske kid glove -iär glacier

glad a 1 ⁅munter⁆ cheerful, bright,
merry, jolly 2 ⁅belåten⁆ delighted
(pleased) ⁅över at⁆; glad, happy;
bli ~ igen cheer up 3 ⁅sak⁆ cheerful
ansikte face⁆; gay ⁅färg colour⁆;
⁅nyhet⁆ joyful; glatt mod a light heart

glada ⁅zool.⁆ kite

glad‖eligen adv gladly, cheerfully
-lynt a cheerful; good-humoured

glans 1 gloss; glitter; ⁅sken⁆
brilliance, splendour; förlora ~en lose
its lustre 2 ⁅bildl.⁆ magnificence,
splendour; det gick med ~ it passed
off brilliantly; skänka ~ åt lend
lustre to -full a brilliant -ig a
glossy -[k]is glassy ice -lös a
lustreless, lack-lustre -nummer furore
item -period heyday -punkt
culminating-point, climax -strykning

glappa itr be (have worked) loose

glas 1 ⁅ämne⁆ glass; av ~ of glass;
en flaska av ~ a glass bottle 2
glass; ett ~ vatten a glass of water
3 ⚓ bell -aktig -artad a glassy,
glazed -bit piece of glass -blåsare
glass-blower -bod glass-shop -bruk
glassworks ⁅pl.⁆ -era tr glaze;
⁅bakverk⁆ ice -låda vitrine -mästare
glazier -ruta pane [of glass]

glass ice[-cream]

glas‖saker glassware -skiva glass plate

glasyr 1 glazing 2 ⁅kok.⁆ icing

glasögon spectacles, glasses -orm
cobra -s|fodral spectacle-frame

glatt a smooth; ⁅glänsande⁆ glossy

gles a thin; sparse ⁅befolkning
population⁆; open ⁅tänder teeth⁆ -het
thinness &c -na itr grow (get) thin &c

gli [small] fry

glid ⁅skid-⁆ running; på ~ on the
glide -a itr glide; ⁅sakta⁆ slide
-flykt gliding flight; volplane

glim‖ma itr gleam; glitter -mer
⁅min.⁆ mica -t gleam

gliring jibe, gibe, sneer

glitt‖er glitter, lustre; ⁅julgrans~⁆
tinsel -ra itr glitter

glo itr stare

glob globe

glop puppy, jackanapes

gloria 1 halo, aureole 2 ⁅tyg⁆ gloria

glos‖a 1 word 2 ⁅spe~⁆ gibe, sneer
-bok vocabulary; glossary

glugg hole, aperture

glunkas itr dep, det ~ att the whisper
goes that

glup‖a itr, ~ i sig gobble up -ande a
ravenous ⁅appetite⁆ -sk a voracious,
ravenous; gluttonous -skhet voracity

glåmig a washed out

glåp|ord taunt, jeer

gläd‖ja I tr give (afford) pleasure;
det -er mig I rejoice (am very glad,
am delighted) II rfl be (feel) glad
(delighted) ⁅åt about⁆; rejoice ⁅åt,
at⁆ -jande a joyful ⁅nyhet piece

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