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1 i, pricken över ~[t] ⁅bildl.⁆ the
finishing touch

2 i prep in; ⁅inuti⁆ within, inside;
⁅intill⁆ by, at; jfr gram.

iakttag‖a tr observe; exercise
försiktighet caution⁆ -are observer -else

ibland adv occasionally; sometimes

icke adv not -fackman non-professional

1 id ⁅zool.⁆ id[e]

2 id ⁅flit⁆ industry -as itr dep have
enough energy [to]

ide hibernating-den, winter-quarters
⁅pl.⁆; ligga i ~ ⁅bildl.⁆ lie torpid

idé idea; ⁅föreställning⁆ notion;
⁅begrepp⁆ conception

ideal ideal -gestalt ideal (idealized)
figure &c -isera tr idealize -isk a
ideal; perfect -ism idealism -istisk a
idealistic -itet ideality; idealness

idé‖association association of ideas
-drama idea-drama

ideell a idealistic; non-utilitarian

idegran yew[-tree]

idel a pure, sheer, mere -ig a perpetual

identifier‖a tr identify -ing

ident‖isk a identical -itet identity

idé‖rik a prolific of (fertile in) ideas;
many-idea’d -värld world of ideas

idio‖synkrasi idiosyncrasy -t idiot;
imbecile -t|anstalt idiot asylum -ti
idiocy; imbecility -tisk a idiotic

idissla itr tr ruminate, chew the cud;
⁅bildl.⁆ repeat, harp on

idka tr carry on ⁅handel trade⁆; pursue
studier studies⁆

idog a industrious; laborious

idol idol

idrott ⁅koll.⁆ athletics; sports; ⁅skol.⁆
games; manliga ~er manly exercises
-a itr go in for athletics -s|gren
branch of athletics, [type of] game
-s|klubb athletic association (club)
-s|ledare athletics organizer -s|lov
⁅skol.⁆ time off for games -s|man
athlete; games man -s|plan [athletic]
sports ground

idyll idyll -isk a idyllic

ifall konj if, in case

ifrån I prep = från II adv away

igel leech -kott hedgehog

igen adv 1 ⁅ånyo⁆ again 2 ⁅tillbaka⁆
back känd a recognized
-kännnigs|tecken distinctive mark

igenom prep adv through

ihjäl adv to death; skjuta ~ ngn shoot
a p. dead -frusen a frozen dead (to
death) -slagen a killed

ihop adv 1 ⁅tillsammans⁆ together 2
vika ~ fold up

ihåg adv, komma ~ remember;
recollect; kom ~ att du skall mind
(remember) you are to

ihålig a hollow; ⁅tom⁆ empty

ihållande a prolonged; continuous

ihärdig a persevering; ⁅trägen⁆
assiduous, sedulous -het perseverance;
assiduity, persistence

ikläd‖a I tr clothe II rfl 1 dress o.s. in;
clothe o.s. 2 ⁅bildl.⁆ take upon o.s.,
assume; incur ⁅risk a risk⁆

il gust [of wind]; ⁅by⁆ squall -a itr
hurry, hasten; ⁅högtidl.⁆ speed
-ande, ~ i ryggen, tänderna
shooting-pains in one’s back (teeth) -bud
⁅pers.⁆ express messenger;
⁅meddelande⁆ urgent message

ilgods express[-delivery] parcels
-expedition ⁅lokal⁆ express-parcels office

illa 1 badly; göra ngn ~ hurt a p.;
be poorly (out of sorts) 2 ⁅ont,
elakt⁆ ill, evil; tala ~ om folk speak
bad about (ill of) people; tycka ~
take it amiss -luktande a
evil-smelling, malodorous -mående I
indisposition II a, känna sig ~ feel
poorly (unwell); ⁅känna kväljningar⁆
feel sick -sinnad a ill-disposed,
malign -sittande a badly fitting

ill|dåd foul (evil) deed

illeg‖al a illegal -itim a illegitimate

iller polecat

ill‖fundig a maliciously cunning, wily
-gärning wicked (evil) deed
-gärnings|man evil-doer -[l]istig =
-fundig -[l]itterat a illiterate, unlettered
-[l]ojal a disloyal; unfair -marig a
sly, knowing; cunning

ill‖umination illumination -uminera
tr illuminate -usion illusion
-usionist illusionist -usorisk a illusory
-ustration illustration -ustrera tr

illvil‖ja spite[fulness] -lig a malign,
malignant; malicious

ilmarsch ⚔ forced march

ilning thrill ⁅av glädje of joy⁆

il‖paket express parcel -samtal
express call

ilsk‖a [hot] anger, rage -en a angry;
furious; ⁅hund⁆ savage, ferocious
-et adv with hot anger, angrily

imit‖ation imitation -era tr imitate

imma I 1 ⁅ånga⁆ vapour, mist 2
⁅beläggning⁆ steam II itr get coated
with moisture (steam)

immateriell a immaterial

immig a 1 ⁅luft⁆ misty 2 jfr imma II

immigr‖ant immigrant -ation
immigration -era itr immigrate ⁅till into⁆

immun a immune -itet immunity

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