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tr demand, solicit -formation
intelligence -formator [private] tutor
-formera tr inform

in‖fria tr redeem, fulfil -friande
redemption -frusen a ice-bound; ⁅bildl.⁆
frozen in -fusions|djur infusorian
-fånga tr catch; capture -fälld a
doubled, inset; inserted ⁅spetsar laces⁆
-född a native-born; som en ~ like a
native; en ~ engelsman a
natural-born Englishman -föding native

inför prep 1 ⁅rum⁆ before 2 ⁅tid⁆ at
-a tr 1 convey; put in ⁅electricity⁆
2 ⁅bildl.⁆ introduce; ⁅hand.⁆ enter
i böckerna in the books⁆; import
-liva tr incorporate -sel 1
importation 2 ~ i lön the impounding of
salaries (of a p.’s salary) -skriva tr

ingalunda adv by no means; not at all

ingefär‖a ginger -s|päron pear ginger

ingen pron 1 no, none 2 no one,
nobody; none; jfr gram. -dera pron
neither [of them]

ingenium ⁅förstånd⁆ understanding

ingenjör engineer -s|akademi academy
of engineering -s|trupper ⚔ Royal

ingen‖städes adv nowhere -ting pron
nothing; ~ alls nothing whatever,
nothing at all

in‖gift a, bli ~ i marry into -giva tr
⁅bildl.⁆ inspire -givelse 1 inspiration
2 ⁅påhitt⁆ idea, impulse -gjuta tr
⁅bildl.⁆ infuse ⁅nytt liv new life⁆; ~ en
ny anda i
put a new spirit into

in‖grediens ingredient ⁅i in⁆ -grepp 1
⁅läk.⁆ göra ett ~ make an incision
[with the knife], incise 2 ⁅bildl.⁆
[act of] interference -gripa itr 1 se
ingrepp 2 ⁅bildl.⁆ intervene ⁅i in⁆;
intrude (encroach) ⁅i ngns
upon a p.’s rights⁆ -gripande
intervention ⁅av by (on the part of)⁆
-grodd a deeply rooted ⁅motvilja
aversion⁆ -gå I itr 1 be (become)
som beståndsdel i an integral part
of⁆; enter ⁅på detaljer into details⁆
2 ⁅börja⁆ come, set in 3 ⁅ankomma⁆
arrive II tr enter into ⁅förbund med
alliance with⁆ -gående a 1 incoming
fartyg ships⁆ 2 ⁅bildl.⁆ penetrating
(thorough, profound) ⁅kritik
criticism⁆; detailed -gång entrance

in‖hemsk a ⁅biol.⁆ indigenous ⁅flora
flora⁆; native ⁅frukter fruits⁆; home
produkter products⁆; av ~
of domestic manufacture
-hibera tr inhibit -hys|a tr house;
accommodate; -t hos lodging with
-hyses|hjon dependent lodger -hägna
tr enclose, fence in -hämta tr ⁅bildl.⁆
1 ⁅upphinna⁆ catch up 2 gather
(pick up, glean) ⁅nyheter news⁆; ~
acquire knowledge; ~
ngns råd
ask a p.’s advice -höljd a
wrapped up -hösta tr reap, win

inifrån I adv from within; from [the]
inside II prep from the interior of

ini‖tial initial -tiativ initiative -tierad
a initiated; well-informed

in‖jaga tr ⁅bildl.⁆ ~ skräck hos ngn
strike terror into a p., intimidate
a p. -jektion injection

ink ⁅veter.⁆ wart

in‖kalla tr call in; summon ⁅ett vittne
a witness⁆ -kallelse summons; ⚔
calling up -kallelse|order
calling-up order -kassera tr collect [the
proceeds of]; cash -kasserare collector
-kassering collecting; till ~ for
collection -kasserings|byrå
draft-collecting office (firm) -kast ⁅bildl.⁆
sudden remark -klarera tr enter ⁅ett
a vessel⁆ -klusive adv
included; inclusive of -klämd a
squeezed in; strangulated ⁅brock
hernia⁆ -knäppning reduction -kognito
s adv incognito -kokning
preserving, canning -koknings|apparat
bottling-outfit(-jar) -kokt a preserved; ⁅i socker⁆
candied; jellied ⁅fisk fish⁆ -komma
itr come in; ~ med hand in
-kommande a incoming -kompetens
incompetence; incapacity -kompetent
a incompetent ⁅till for⁆;
⁅platssökande⁆ not qualified

inkomst income ⁅av, på from⁆;
⁅statens ~er⁆ revenue[s], receipts;
⁅avkastning⁆ yield, proceeds ⁅pl.⁆
-bringande a income-yielding - och
income and
property tax

in‖konsekvens inconsistency; ⁅log.⁆
inconsequence -konsekvent a
inconsistent; ⁅log.⁆ inconsequent
-korporera tr incorporate -kråm 1 ⁅bröd⁆
crumb 2 = innanmäte -krånglad a
complicated, involved -kräkta I tr
encroach (trespass, intrude) ⁅
upon⁆; infringe ⁅på ngns rättigheter
upon a p.’s rights⁆ II tr take
unrightful possession of, usurp ⁅en tron
a throne⁆ -kräktare encroacher &c
-kubation ⁅läk.⁆ incubation

in‖kvartera I tr billet (quarter) ⁅hos
upon (with)⁆ II rfl quarter o. s.
hos upon⁆ -kvartering 1 deras ~
the providing them with quarters
&c 2 quarters ⁅pl.⁆, billet
-kvisition inquisition -kvisitor inquisitor
-köp purchase -köps|pris
buying-(cost )price; prime cost -köps|summa
purchase sum -körd a broken in

in‖laga ⁅skrift⁆ memorial, petition,
address -lag|d a 1 ⁅matvara⁆
bottled; ⁅konserverad⁆ potted; tinned
(canned) ⁅persikor peaches⁆; pickled
gurka cucumber⁆ 2 -t arbete inlaid

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