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dusk has set in -träde entrance;
⁅bildl.⁆ entry ⁅i världen into the
world⁆; fritt ~ admission free
-trädes|ansökan application for
admission (entrance) -trädes|avgift
entrance (admission) fee -trädes|biljett
ticket of admission -trädes|examen
entrance examination -träffa itr 1
⁅ankomma⁆ arrive 2 ⁅ske⁆ happen,
occur -träffande s occurrence, arrival
-tränga itr = tränga in

in‖tuition intuition -tuitiv a intuitive
-tvåla tr [rub over with] soap, lather
-tyg 1 ⁅abstr.⁆ certification,
attestation, testimony 2 ⁅konkr.⁆
certificate, testimonial -tyga tr certify
(attest) ⁅att that⁆; härmed ~s this is
to certify -tåg entry ⁅i into⁆ -tåga
itr march (&c) in -täkt = inkomst

in‖under I adv underneath; beneath;
i våningen in the flat⁆ below II
prep underneath -uti adv prep
inside; within

in‖vagga I tr, ~ ngn i säkerhet lull a p.
into security; throw a p. off his
guard II rfl lull o.s. ⁅i into⁆ -val
election [as a member] -valid
disabled (invalidated) person -validitet
disablement; [permanent] invalidity
-vand a habituated, habitual -vandra
migrate ⁅till into⁆ -vandrare
immigrant -vandring immigration ⁅till
into⁆ -vasion invasion -veckla tr
⁅bildl.⁆ involve -vecklad a involved
i in⁆; ⁅sak⁆ complicated, intricate

in‖ventari|um fixture; -er effects,
movables, stores; ⁅hand.⁆ stock -ventera
tr make an inventory of; ⁅hand.⁆
take stock of -ventering
inventorization; ⁅hand.⁆ stocktaking -ventiös
a ingenious

in‖verka itr have an effect (influence)
[up]on⁆; ~ menligt på prejudice
-verkan influence, effect

invester‖a tr invest -ing investment

invid I adv close by II prep by, close to

invig‖a tr 1 ⁅helga⁆ consecrate ⁅ngn till
a p. bishop⁆; ⁅till ämbete⁆
ordain; dedicate ⁅ett skolhus a
school-house⁆ 2 ⁅sätta ngn in i⁆ initiate
-d a 1 consecrated 2 initiated -ning
consecration, dedication 2
initiation -nings|fest inaugural festivity
-nings|tal dedicatory speech

in‖vit invitation; ⁅vink⁆ hint;
intimation -vitation invitation -vitera tr
invite -vånar|antal, hela ~et the
[total] population -vånare
inhabitant; ⁅i hus⁆ inmate; ⁅i stadsdel &c⁆
resident; per ~ per head [of the
population] -vända tr object; jag
har ingenting att ~
I have no
objection ⁅mot to⁆ -vändig a internal;
inside -vändning objection ⁅mot to
(against)⁆; göra ~ar raise
objections -vänta tr wait for; ⁅avvakta⁆
await -värtes I a internal; inward
suck sigh⁆ II adv internally,
inwardly -ympa tr inoculate

inåt adv inwards; ⁅mot insidan⁆
towards the inside (interior) -böjd a
bent inwards; inward-bent -vänd a
turned inwards; ⁅bildl. äv.⁆
introvertive, introspective

in‖äga ⁅lantbr.⁆ infield -älvor ⁅djur⁆
viscera; ⁅människor⁆ bowels

inöva tr practise [up]; rehearse

iris ⁅anat.⁆ iris -era itr iridate, irisate

irisk a Irish

Ir‖land Ireland; ⁅poet.⁆ Erin i-ländare
Irishman i-ländsk a Irish i-ländska
Irishwoman, Irish girl

ironi irony -ker ironic[al] person
-sera tr speak ironically ⁅om, över
about⁆ -sk a ironical

irra itr go astray; ~ omkring wander

irrationell a irrational

irr‖bild phantom -bloss ignis fatuus,
⁅vanl.⁆ will-o’-the-wisp

ir‖reguljär a irregular -religiositet
irreligiosity, irreligiousness -reparabel
a irreparable

irr‖färd roving (rambling) expedition;
~er wanderings -gång maze,

irrit‖abel a irritable -ation irritation
-era tr irritate; ⁅bildl. äv.⁆ annoy,
harass -erande a irritating &c

irr‖lära false (erroneous) doctrine;
⁅relig.⁆ heresy -lärig a heretical

i‖råkad se råka [in i]; hans ~e obestånd
the financial straits that he has got

is ice; ~en låg the lake &c remained
frozen (coated with ice) -a tr cover
with ice; ⁅kok.⁆ store on ice: ⁅dryck⁆
put in ice -ande a icy -as itr dep,
blodet -ades i mina ådror
my blood
curdled in my veins -bana ice-track
-belagd a coated (covered) [over]
with ice -berg iceberg -bit piece of
ice -björn polar bear -björns|fäll
polar bearskin -block block of ice;
ice-block -blomma ⁅på fönster⁆
ice-fern -blåsa ice-bag -brytare

iscensättning staging; production

ischias sciatica -nerv sciatic nerve

is‖flak ice-floe(-raft) -fri a ice-free;
open -gata ice-coated road -hav
⁅geogr.⁆ Norra, Södra ~et the North
(South) Polar Sea, the Arctic
(Antarctic) Ocean -hinder hindrance
due to ice -hockey ice hockey -ig a
icy -jakt ice-yacht -kall a ice-cold,
as cold as ice; icy ⁅ton tone of voice⁆;
⁅blick⁆ glacial -källare ice-house

Island npr Iceland

islossning breaking up of the ice

isländ‖are Icelander -sk a Icelandic

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