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iso‖bar isobar -lation 1 ⚙ insulation
2 isolation -lera tr 1 ⚙ insulate 2
isolate -lering isolation

is‖palats ice palace -pigg icicle -pik

Israel npr Israel i-it Israelite i-itisk
a Israelitic, Israelitish

istadig a restive -het restiveness

ister iard -artad a adipose -haka
double chin -magad a pot-bellied

is‖tid glacial period; I~en the Great
Ice Age -täcke coat[ing] of ice

i‖sär adv 1 apart (separate) [from
one another] 2 = itu -sättning

Italien npr Italy i-are i-sk a Italian

itu adv in two; in half

iv‖er eagerness; ⁅nit⁆ ardour, zeal;
arbeta med ~ work with great zest
-ra itr be a zealous worker ⁅emot
against⁆; han ~r för he is a great
champion of -rig a 1 eager 2 ⁅nitisk⁆
zealous 3 ⁅brinnande⁆ ardent;
fervent 4 ⁅angelägen⁆ anxious -righet
eagerness; fervour; anxiety

iögonfallande a striking; conspicuous


ja itj adv yes; ~ vad skall jag säga?
well, what am I to say? ~ men well

jacka 1 coat, jacket 2 ⁅dam-⁆ jacket

jackett morning-coat, F cut-away

jag I pron I; ~ själv I myself II ego;
hans bättre ~ his better self

jag‖a I tr 1 hunt; shoot ⁅hare hares⁆
2 chase ⁅varandra each other⁆; give
chase to II itr drive, chase; ~ i väg
hurry off; ~ omkring chase around
-ad a hunted -are ⚓ ⚔ destroyer

jaguar jaguar

jak yak

jak‖a itr say ’yes’ ⁅till to⁆ -ande a
affirmative ⁅svar reply⁆; ge ett ~ svar
answer in the affirmative

1 jakt ⚓ yacht

2 jakt 1 hunting; shooting 2 ⁅friare o.
bildl.⁆ hunting ⁅efter for⁆; chasing
efter after⁆; ⁅letande⁆ hunt; anställa
~ på
give chase to -byte bag; ⁅djurs⁆
prey, game, quarry -don hunting
(shooting)-kit(-gear) -gevär
sporting-gun(-rifle) -hund hunting(&c)-dog,
hunter -lopp course steeplechasing
-lycka, ~n the luck of chase -mark
⁅allm.⁆ hunting-ground 2 ⁅jakt.⁆
preserve[s] -vård
wild-anunal-(game-)protection -väska game-bag

jalusi window-blind -skrivbord
roll-top desk

jama itr mew

jamb ⁅metr.⁆ iambus, iamb

januari January

Japan npr Japan j-es j-sk a Japanese

jargong lingo, jargon

jasmin common (white) jasmine

jaspis ⁅miner.⁆ jasper

jass jazz -a itr jazz -kapell jazz-band

jaså itj Oh! indeed! is that so? really!

jeremiad jeremiad[e], lamentation

jesuit Jesuit -er|kloster Jesuit
monastery -er|orden the Order of [the]
Jesuits -isk a Jesuit; Jesuitical

Jesus npr Jesus -barnet the Infant
Saviour, the Child Jesus

jetong ⁅spel⁆ counter

jo adv yes; Oh, yes

jobb work, job; ett styvt ~ a tough job
-a itr 1 work, be on the job; ⁅ligga i⁆
go at it 2 ⁅börs o. d.⁆ carry on
speculation, speculate -are speculator,
jobber -eri speculation

jobs|post, en ~ evil tidings ⁅pl.⁆, [a
piece of] bad news

jockej jockey

jod iodine

joddla itr yodel

jolle ⚓ jolly-boat, yawl; dinghy

joll‖er babble; crowing -ra itr babble,

jongl‖era itr juggle -ör juggler

jonisk a Ionian

jord 1 earth; ~en runt round the
world 2 ⁅mark⁆ ground, earth; soil
3 ⁅mull⁆ earth, soil -a tr 1
⁅begrava⁆ bury 2 ⁅elektr.⁆ earth -bruk
farming, agriculture -brukare
farmer, agriculturist -bruks|arbetare
farm labourer (hand) -bunden a
earth-bound, earthly -bävning
earthquake -fästa tr commit to the earth,
inter -fästning burial -golv earthen
floor -gubbe strawberry -halva
hemisphere -ig a ⁅smutsig⁆
earth-soiled -isk a earthy; earthly
lämningar remains⁆; terrestrial ⁅kärlek
love⁆ -kabel underground cable
-klot earth; globe -mån soil -ning
earthing -nöt earth nut -skalv
earthquake -skorpa [earth-]crust
-skred earth-slip, landslip -yta 1
surface of the ground 2 ⁅rymd⁆ area
(space) of ground -ägare landowner
-ärtskocka artichoke

jota, inte ett ~ not a (one) jot

jour, ha ~en be on duty -havande a,
~ läkare
physician on duty -nal 1
journal 2 ⁅film.⁆ news reel -nalist
journalist; pressman -nalistik
journalism -nalistisk a journalistic

ju I adv why; där är han ~! why,
there he is! II konj se desto

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