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kollaps collapse
kol|last coal-cargo
kollationera tr collate
kolleglla colleague -ial a
colleague-like, friendly; collegial -ielbox
loose-leaf-notebook case -ie|rum
staff-meeting room; [lärarrum]
masters’ room -ium 1 ’collegium’,
collegial body 2 [skol.] [teaching-]staff
3 [sammanträde] masters’ meeting
kollekt collection -iv a collective
koller staggers; vertigo
kollett jerkin, doublet, tunic
kolli package; piece of luggage
kollilldera itr come into collision [med

with] -sion collision
kolülår coal-bin -lämpare coal-heaver
-mila charcoal-kiln -mörker pitch
kolon colon

koloni colony -al a colonial -al| varor
colonial produce -sation colonization
-stuga allotment-garden cottage
kolonn column

kolorllatur colorature -era tr colour

-it colour-treatment, colouring
kol I os fumes from burning coke
-förgiftning asphyxia resulting from the
inhalation of coke-fumes
koloss colossus -al a colossal
koloxid carbonic oxide
kolportl|age colportage [fr.] -ör
colporteur [fr.], bible-pedlar
kol||stybb charcoalbreeze -svart a
coal–(jet-)black -syra carbon acid -syrad
a carbonated -syre | snö carbonic acid
kolt frock

kol||teckning charcoal-drawing -trast
blackbird -tråds {lampa
carbon-filament lamp
kolumn column

kolv 1 [i pump] piston 2 [på gevär]

butt[-end] 3 Ekem.] retort
kolväte hydrocarbon
kombin||ation combination -era tr

combine -erad a combined; in one
komedi comedy; spela ~ act a part
komet comet -svans comet’s tail
komfort comfort -abel a comfortable
komllik comic art -iker comic actor
-isk a comic[al]

1 komma comma

2 kommüa I tr, ~ ngn att tänka make
a p. think II itr come; nu -er jag
now I’m coming! ~ fram get there,
arrive III rfl recover [efter from];
come round, get better; hur kom det
sig att? how did it come about that?
how is it that? ~ sig fram get en;
~ sig upp get up -ande a coming;
~ år years to come, future years

kommando command; lyda —- obey
orders; ta ~[<] över assume [the]
command of -brygga & [captain’s]

bridge -rop shouted order (command)
-ton tone of command
kommater||a tr punctuate -ing

kommendi|ant X commandant -era
I itr be in command [över of] II fr
command, order; som ~ts till who
has been appointed to -ering
command; appointment -ör 1 Eav orden]
Knight commander 2
commodore 3 Ei frälsn.armén] commissioner
-ör|kapten commander, captain
komment||ar commentary [till to;
över on]; kortfattad ~ brief
annotations -arier comment [fig.] -era tr
comment [up]ön; annotate
kommersiell a commercial
komminister perpetual curate
kommissar||iat commissary’s office
-ie commissary; [utställn.]

kommission commission -s|byrå
intelligence-bureau -s I kontor
employment-agency -är 1 [jur.] agent 2
[hand.] commission-agent
kommitt||é [sitta i en ~ be on a]
committee -erad commissioner
kommod pedestal waslistand
kommun 1 commune 2 [Engl.]
municipality 3 [socken] parish
-al a 1 communal 2 municipal
-al-fullmäktig member of a communal
(&c) council -alisera tr communalize
-aljskatt communal &c tax
-al|-stämma commune’s meeting
-al|-utskylder communal rates and taxes
kommunikation communication
-s|tabell railway[, steamboat and [-air–line]-] {+air-
-line]+} time-table -s|väsen, ~det the
transport organization
kommuniké communiqué [fr.]
kommuni|ism Communism -ist

kompakt a compact; dense [mörker

kompan||i company -jon partner -jon-

skap partnership
komparera tr compare, form the
comparison-forms of
kompass compass -nål compass-needle
kompendium compendium, summary
kompensllation compensation -era tr

compensate [ngn för a p. for]
kompetjlens competency; utanför min
~ outside my scope -ent a
competent; — till en befattning fully
qualified [to apply] for a situation
kompilliation compilation -era tr

komplllement complement
-ement|-färg complementary colour -ett I a
complete II adv F absolutely -ettera
tr complete; supplement [från from,
med with]; ~ varandra supplement
each other’s qualities -etterande a

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