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complementary; supplementary
[meddelanden information] -ettering
completing, supplementing; [tillägg]
complementary addition,

komplex 1 complex 2 Fkonkr.] block
komplillcera tr complicate -kation
complication -mång compliment
-mentera tr compliment
komplott plot; conspiracy
kompo||nera tr 1 [mus.] compose 2
[friare] put together; create, design
-sition composition; design, creation
-sitör composer; designer, creator
kompost compost
kompott compote [på of]
kompr||ess -imera tr compress
komprollmettera I tr compromise II
rfl compromise o.s., get o.s.
compromised -miss compromise -missa itr
compromise [i on] -miss[förslag
proposed compromise
kon [stympad frustum of a] cone
kona © conical joint, cone
koncentrllat concentrate; [bildh]
epitome -ation concentration
-ations|-förmåga power of concentration -era
I tr concentrate [på on] II rfl
concentrate [o.s.] [på [up]ön] -isk a
koncept rough draft [till of]
koncern group lof companies];

konllcession [parliamentary] sanction;
söka ~ på apply for powers .for
constructing [en järnväg a railway]
-cessiv a concessive -ciliant a
conciliatory -cipiera tr conceive -cis a
concise; succinct
kondens[|era tr condense -or ©

kondition [i utmärkt in first-rate]
condition -alis conditional [mood]
konditor confectioner -i confectioner’s

shop; [ss. skylt] confectioner
kondolileans condolence -eans|brev
letter of condolence -era tr condole
with, express one’s sympathy with
kondor condor

konduktör conductor; [järnv.] guard
konfekt [chocolates and] sweetmeats,

bon-bons -ask sweetmeat-box
konfektion ready-made clothing
-s|-affär ready-made-clothing shop
-sj-sydd a ready-made
konfer||ens conference; [enskildas]
parley -era itr, ~ med ngn om confer
(consult) with a p. about (as to)
konfetti [paper-]confetti
konfidentiell a confidential -t adv
confidentially, in confidence
konfirmlland confirmand -ation
confirmation -era tr confirm
konllfiskera tr confiscate -flikt conflict
-frontera tr confront; bring face to

face [med with] -fundera tr confuse
-fys a confused, bewildered -genial a
congenial -glomerat conglomerate
-gress congress -gruens congruence,
congruousness -gruent a congruent,
congruous; [geom.] equal in all
konjak cognac; brandy
kon||jugation conjugation -junktion
conjunction -junktiv subjunctive
[mood] -junktur [hand.] [state of
the] market; economic situation;
market conditions -junktur | växling
variation in trade (market)
conditions -kav a concave -klusion
conclusion, inference -kret a concrete
-kubinat concubinage -kurrens
competition -kurrens I kraftig a capable of
competing -kurrent competitor [ovi
for]; rival [-firma firm] -kurrera itr
compete; enter into competition
-kurrerande a competing;
competitive; ~ anspråk rival claims -kurs
bankruptcy -kurs|ansökan petition
in bankruptcy -kurs | bo bankrupt’s
estate -kurs |förbrytelse criminal
offence against the Bankruptcy Laws
-kurs|massa = -fcitrs|6o
konossement bill-of-lading
konllsekutiv a consecutive -sekvens 1
[log.] consequence; consistency [i in]
2 [följd] consequence, sequel
-se-kvent I a consistent II adv
consistently -selj cabinet council
-selj|president president of the Council;
[Engl.] prime minister
konsert concert -era itr give a concert
(a series of concerts) -estrad
concert–platform -förening, ~en the Concert
Association -mästare principal

konserv, ~cr preserved (tinned)
provisions, tinned goods -atism
conservatism -ativ a conservative -atorium
conservatory [of music] -burk
preserve-tin, preserved(canned)-meat
(-fruit &c) tin -burks|öppnare
tin–opener -era tr conserve, preserve;
[i burk] can -ering preserving &c
-fabrik canning(tinned-foods)-factory
konsistens [till ~en in] consistency

-fett heavy (consistent) grease
konsistorium 1 [kyrkh] consistory 2

[univ.] university court
konsol bracket; console
konsolidera tr consolidate
konsonant consonant -fördubbling

gemination -isk a consonantal
konllsortium syndicate -spirera itr

conspire, plot
konst art; [skicklighet] skill; han
förstår sin ~ [yrke] he is master of
his craft; ~en att vara the art of
being; ~er tricks -akademi academy
of art

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