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laber a ⚓ light

labor‖ation laboratory-work -atorium

labyrint labyrinth

lack 1 sealing-wax 2 ⁅fernissa⁆
varnish -a tr seal [with sealing-wax]

lacker‖a tr lacquer -ing lacquering

lackmuspapper litmus-paper

lacksko patent-leather shoe

lada barn

ladd‖a tr load, charge -ning loading,
charging; ⁅konkr.⁆ load

ladugård cow-house -s|karl
cattleman, cowman -s|piga dairymaid

1 lag ⁅vätska⁆ decoction; ⁅spad⁆ liquor

2 lag 1 company; över ~ all along the
line; i minsta ~et as short (small) as
it could be to do 2 ⁅sport.⁆ team

3 lag law; i ~ by law

1 laga a legal; ~ förfall valid excuse;
i ~ tid within the time prescribed
[by law]

2 laga tr 1 ~ mat cook 2 mend; repair

lag|bunden a regulated by law

1 lager ⁅bot.⁆ laurel

2 lag|er 1 layer; ⁅bildl.⁆ stratum 2
⁅hand.⁆ stock; på ~ in stock

lager‖bär bay berry -krans wreath of
laurel -träd laurel-tree

lag‖fara tr obtain legal ratification of
-förslag bill

lagg ⁅kok.⁆ frying-pan

lag‖lig a legal, lawful -lydig a
law-abiding -lös a lawless

lagning mending, repairing

lagom I adv just right (enough) II a, på
~ avstånd
at just the right distance

lagra I tr 1 stratify; dispose in layers
2 ⁅samla⁆ store, put by II rfl 1
⁅geol.⁆ stratify 2 settle [in layers]

lag‖skipning administration of the law
-stadgad a fixed (laid down,
prescribed) by law; legal -stiftning
law-making; legislation -stridig a
contrary to [the] law -söka tr sue

lag|tävlan team-competition

lagun lagoon

lagvigd a lawfully wedded

lakan sheet -s|lärft [linen] sheeting

1 lake = salt-

2 lake burbot

lakej [liveried] footman

lakonisk a laconic

lakrits liquorice

lam a 1 paralyzed 2 ⁅matt⁆ lame, feeble

lama ⁅zool.⁆ llama

lamell 1 lamella 2 ⚙ lamina

lamm‖[kött] lamb -skinn lambskin

lamp‖a lamp -ett bracket-candlestick
-kupa lamp-globe -skärm lamp-shade

lam‖slagen a paralyzed -slå tr paralyze

land 1 land; shore; gå i ~ go ashore
2 ⁅mots.: stad⁆ country; på ~et in
the country 3 gå i ~ med accomplish,
manage -a itr tr land -backe, på ~n
ashore, on shore -gång
gangway[-plank] -krabba F land-lubber,
landsman -känning, få ~ have a landfall
-ning landing -remsa strip of land

lands‖bygd country[side] -del part of
the country; province -fiskal ⁅ung.⁆
district police superintendent -flicka
country[-bred] girl -flykt exile
-flyktig a exiled -flykting exile;
refugee -förrädare traitor to one’s
country -förvisa tr banish [from the
country], expatriate -förvisning
banishment, expatriation -hövding

landskap 1 ⁅område⁆ [geographical]
province 2 landscape; scenery
-s|målare landscape-painter, landscapist

lands‖kommun rural commune -lag
⁅sport.⁆ international[-match] team
-man fellow-countryman,
compatriote -orts|aktig a provincial -plåga
national scourge

land‖stiga itr land -stigning, göra en ~
effect a landing -s|ting county
council -s|tings|man county councillor
-storms|man landstorm-man,
militiaman -strykare tramp -ställe =
gård 2 -s|väg highroad, main road
-sätta tr land, put on shore -vinning
accession (recovery) of land; ⁅bildl.⁆
new domains conquered

lang‖a tr itr 1 pass [along] from hand
to hand; ~ hit med F shove over 2 ~
carry on an illicit trade in liquor
-are illicit liquor-seller, boot-legger

langett languet[te], point -era tr
-styng button-hole-stitch (-stitching)

lans lance

lansera tr launch; introduce

lansett lancet -lik a lanceolate

lansiär lancer

lant‖adel country nobility (gentry)
-befolkning country (rural)
population -bo countryman

lantbruk rural industry; jfr jordbruk;
agricultural -s|produkt
agricultural (farm) product

lantegendom landed (country) estate

lanterna lantern

lant‖handel country business (shop)
-hushållning rural (agricultural)
economy -junkare country squire -lig a
rural; ⁅nedsätt.⁆ rustic; provincial
-ligt adv rurally, country-fashion
-man farmer -mätare [land-]surveyor

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