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lapa tr lap, lick up

lapis lunar caustic

1 lapp Laplander

2 lapp piece; patch; ⁅friare⁆ slip,
scrap, piece -a tr patch; mend with
patches; ~ ihop patch up

Lapp‖land Lapland l-ländsk a
Lapland .., Laplandish

lappri trifle, a mere nothing

lapp‖skomakare cobbler -täcke patch
quilt -verk ⁅bildl.⁆ patchwork

lapsus lapse, slip

larm 1 noise; din 2 slå ~ sound the
alarm -a itr clamour; make a noise
-ande a clamouring, clamorous

larv larva

lasarett [communal general] hospital
-s|fartyg hospital ship -s|läkare
hospital surgeon

lask ⚙ scarph -ning scarphing

lass load -a tr load

lasso, kasta ~ throw the (one’s) lasso

last 1 cargo ⁅av of⁆; med full ~ with a
full load; ta in ~ take in a cargo 2
ligga till ~ become a burden to; låta
komma sig till ~
lay o.s. open to
blame for, be guilty of 3 ⁅synd, fel⁆
vice -a tr 1 load ⁅ on to⁆ 2 =
klandra -bar a vicious, depraved
-barhet viciousness, depravity -bil
[motor] lorry -djur beast of burden
-gammal a stricken in years,
age-stricken -ning loading, lading -rum
⚓ [cargo-]hoJd -ångare cargo-steamer

lat a lazy; idle -a rfl be lazy (idle)

later behaviour; stora ~ grand airs

latin Latin -gymnasium -linje
classical gymnasium (side)

latitud latitude

latrin latrine

latsida, ligga på ~ take things easy

lav lichen

lava lava -ström lava-flow

lavemang enema

lavendel common (true) lavender

lavett ⚔ gun-carriage

lavin avalanche -artad a

lavoar wash-stand

lax salmon

laxer‖a itr take an aperient -medel

laxöring salmon trout

le itr smile

1 led way

2 led 1 joint; i alla ~er in every limb;
ur ~ out of joint 2 ⁅länk⁆ link 3 ⁅mat.⁆
member 4 element 5 ⚔ rank, file;
i första ~et in the front rank 6
generation; degree; i rätt nedstigande ~
in a direct line

3 led a 1 tired (weary; sick) ⁅ of⁆
2 = ful 3 = elak

1 leda disgust; loathing

2 leda tr 1 lead; guide; ⁅elektr.⁆
conduct 2 ⁅affär⁆ conduct; manage 3
⁅bildl.⁆ ~ tillbaka till trace .. back to

3 leda tr bend [at the joint]

ledamot member; fellow

led‖ande a leading; guiding ⁅princip
principle⁆; på ~ plats in a prominent
position -are 1 leader; guide;
manager, director 2 ⁅fys.⁆ conductor 3
⁅i tidn.⁆ leader, leading article

ledas itr dep be (feel) bored

ledbandgå i be in⁆ leading-strings

ledbruten a stiff in the (one’s) joints

ledfyr leading light; ⁅bildl.⁆ beacon

ledgång joint, articulation
-s|reumatism rheumatoid arthritis

ledig a 1 easy ⁅sätt way⁆; agile ⁅gång
gait⁆ 2 free; unoccupied; bli ~
[från] get off; vara ~ be off duty;
på ~a stunder in [one’s] leisure
(spare) moments 3 ⁅kapital⁆ idle,
uninvested; ⁅rum⁆ vacant -förklara
tr announce (advertise) as vacant
-het 1 freedom, ease 2 freedom from
work (duty); free time, leisure, time
off 3 vacancy, vacant post

ledning 1 ⁅väg-⁆ guidance; lead, clue;
⁅skötsel⁆ management; ta ~en av
put o.s. at the head of; under ~ av
under the guidance (⁅affär⁆
management) of 2 ~en the managers
(directors) 3 ⁅elektr.⁆ circuit

ledsag‖a tr accompany; escort -are

leds‖am a 1 ⁅tråkig⁆ boring, tedious
2 disagreeable (unpleasant) ⁅händelse
event⁆; det är ~t it is sad (a pity)
-en a sorry ⁅över about⁆; ⁅sorgsen⁆
sad, down-hearted -na itr grow (get)
tired ⁅ of⁆; tire -nad 1 = 1 leda,
2 distress, sorrow, grief

led‖stjärna loadstar, lodestar -stång
[staircase] hand-rail -tråd clue

leende I a smiling II ett ~ a smile

legat 1 ⁅jur.⁆ legacy, bequest 2 legate
-ion legation; ~s- to a (the) legation

legend legend; myth -arisk a legendary

legering alloying

legio a, deras antal är ~ their number
is Legion

legion legion -är legionary [soldier]

legitim a legitimate -ation
legitim[iz]ation -era I tr legitimat[iz]e; ~d
legitimated, licensed; certifi[cat]ed;
⁅läkare⁆ authorized II rfl establish one’s

leja tr engage; hire

lejd safe-conduct

lejon lion -gap snap-dragon -klo,
visa ~n show mettle -kula lion’s den
-part, ~en the lion’s share -unge
lion’s cub

lek 1 game; ⁅med dockor⁆ play; på ~
in play; ur ~en out of the game 2
⁅kort-⁆ pack 3 ⁅fiskars⁆ spawning;
⁅fåglars⁆ pairing, mating -a itr tr 1

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