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— 103 —


~ [en lek] play [[at] a game]; inte att
~ med not [one] to be trifled with
2 [fisks] spawn; [fågels] pair, mate
lekam||en body -lig a bodily;
corporeal -ligen adv bodily; in the body
lek||boll plaything, toy -full a playful

-kamrat playmate, playfellow
lekman layman; amateur
lekilsak toy -stuga play-house
lektion lesson; ge ~er i engelska åt ngn
read English with a p.; ta ~er för
have lessons with
lekt]|or 1 ’lector’, senior assistant
master 2 [univ.] lector -orat 1
senior mastership 2 lectorship -yr
reading, literature
lem limb -lästa tr main, mutilate
len a 1 soft [att ta på to the touch] 2

mellow [röst voice]
leopard leopard -hona leopardess
ler clay -a clay; loam -gods clay
goods; earthenware -golv mud floor
-gök toy ocarina -ig a clayey, loamy
-kruka crock -kärl earthen[-ware]
(clay) vessel -välling clay-mixture
leta itr search (look, hunt) [efter for];
~ efter ord be at a loss for words; ~
vt pick out
lett Lett; Latvian -isk a Lettish L-

land Latvia
levj|a I i(rlive; [finnas] exist; [vid liv]
be alive; ~ ett lyckligt liv lead a happy
life II rfl. ~ sig in i enter (penetrate)
into -ande a living; animate [väsen
being]; [mots. : död] alive; i ~ livet
in real (actual) life; göra ~ [bildl.]
bring to life, make lifelike -e se
hurra II -e]bröd livelihood, living
lever liver

lever||ans 1 furnishing, supplying,
supply 2 [avlämnande] delivering,
delivery 3 [konkr.] goods delivered
-antör contractor; supplier; deliverer
-era tr supply, furnish; deliver
leveriifläck molé -korv liver sausage
l8v||erne 1 life: bättra sitt ~ mend one’s

ways 2—bråk 2 -e|rop viva[t]
levertran cod-liver oil
levnad life -s|beskrivning biography
-s]glad a Thigh-]spirited, buoyant [in
spirit] -s|kostnad[er] cost of living
levr|ad a coagulated; -at blod göre
lexikon dictionary
lian liane, liana
liberal a liberal -ism liberalism
licens licence -avgift licence-fee
-innehavare licensee
licentiat licentiate; EEngl. ung,] Master
of Arts

1 lid I a itr, tiden -cr time goes on

2 lid||a I tr suffer [smärta pain] H
itr suffer [av from]; ~ svårt be in
great pain -ande I suffering;
affliction II a 1 suffering; afflicted [a« by]
2 bli ~ på be the loser by

lidelse passion -fri a dispassionate

-full a passionate; impassioned
liderlig a profligate; rakish -het
profligacy, rakishness
lie scythe -man, ~nen. the Man with
the Scythe
liga league; [confederation; [band]

gang -pojke [young] hooligan
ligg|la 1 lie, be lying; ~ i sängen be in
[one’sj bed; ~ på knä be down on
one’s knees 2 [om sak o. bildl.] lie;
be; huset -er vid the house stands (is)
at (&c); staden -er mellan the town is
situated (lies) between; hur -er saken
till? how does the matter stand?
-ande a lying; [ställning] reclining,
recumbent -are register; ledger
-stol deck-chair; lounge-chair -sår

liguster privet -häck privet hedge

1 lik corpse; dead body

2 lik a like; vara mycket ~a varandra be
very much alike; vara sig ~ be [-[looking]-] {+[look-
ing]+} o.s.; han är sig ~ he is always
the same -ala equal [i antal in
number]; the same [som as]; vara ~
med ngn i equal a p. in; är ~ med
[mat.] makes II adv in the same way
(manner); ~ bra (litet) just as good
(little); ~ många som vanligt the
usual number; vara ~ stora be of the
same size -a| berättigad a, vara ~
med possess equality of rights with
-a|dän a of the same sort (kind)
-a I ledes adv likewise; the same to
you! -artad a similar in character
(nature) -a|sinnad a like-minded; of
the same mind -a|så adv also; jfr
•a\ledes -a|väl adv just as well

likbegängelse funeral [ceremony],
obsequies [pl. 3
likbent a [geom.] isosceles
likllbesiktning post-mortem
examination -blek a ghastly (deathly) pale
lik||e equal; jfr ge~; söka sin ~ be
without equal (unequalled); utan ~
unparalleled -formig a uniform
likgiltig a 1 indifferent [för to];
[håglös] listless; apathetic;
insensible Eför to] 2 [sak] indifferent; en
— sak a matter of no moment, an
unimportant thing -het 1
indifference; listlessness; apathy 2 Esaks]
unimportance, insignificance
likhet resemblance; fullkomlig ~ med
identity with; i ~ med in conformity
to [with] -s|tecken sign of equality
likjikista coffin -lukt cadaverous smell
liknlla itr tr resemble, be like -ande a
similar; och ~ and the like; på ~ sätt
in a similar manner -else parable
[om of]; simile, metaphor
lik||nöjd a indifferent -rikta tr rectify;
Epolit.] unidirect -riktning rectifying;
unidirection -sidig a equilateral

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