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-organ organ of smell -påse scent-bag
-salt smelling-salts [pl.], sal volatile
-sinne sense of smell -viol sweet
violet -ärt sweet pea
lukullisk a sumptuous, luxurious
lummig a umbrageous, thickly foliaged
lump rags EPk] -bod ragshop
lumpen a paltry; petty, mean
lumpl|hög heap (pile) of rags -or, i ~

in rags -samlare rag-and-bone man
lunch lunch; luncheon -a itr take

(have) one’s lunch
!und grove: copse

lungiia lung -inflammation
pneumonia -katarr pulmonary catarrh
-mos [kok.] hashed [calf’s-] lights
-röta contagious pleuropneumonia
-siktig -sjuk a consumptive, phthisic
-sot consumption, phthisis -spets apex
of one (the) lung -sack pleural sac
-säcks linflammation pleurisy
-tuberkulos pulmonary tuberculosis -ört

lunk trot; den gamla —en the old
jog–trot -a itr jog-trot, pad
luns yokel, boor -ig a baggy, ill-fitting
lunta bundle, pile; [bokj tome

1 lur horn; trumpet

2 lur 1 = tupp- 2 ligga pd ~ lie in
wait -a I itr lie in wait [på for] II tr
cheat; bluff [ngn att göra a p. into
doing]; bli ~d be taken in -ande a
treacherous, false

lurvig a rough, tousled, matted
lus louse [pl. lice]

lust 1 [håg] inclination; bent,
disposition; ha ~ att feel inclined to 2
[nöje] delight [/or to]; i ~ och nöd
in weàl and woè, for better for worse
-a lust -barhet amusement -eld
bonfire -färd pleasure-trip,
excursion -gård, Edens ~ the garden of
Edén -ig a 1 amusing, funny 2
[löjlig] funny, comic[al] -jakt [-[pleasure]-] {+[plea-
sure]+} yacht -resa [pleasure-]trip -slott
royal out-of-town residence -spel

1 lut [tvätt-] lye

2 lut, på ~ a-t.ilt

1 luta lute; spela [på] ~ play the lute

2 luta tr [fisk] soak in lye[-water]

3 lut||a tr itr rfl 1 lean; ~ sig bakåt lean
backwards 2 [bildh] incline [d< [-towards];-] {+to-
wards];+} ditåt ~r det! that is what it
is coming to! -ad a leaning [mot
against] -ande a leaning; slanting
[handstil hand]; stooping [position]

luteriian Lutheran -sk a Lutheran
lutfisk ’lutfisk’; dried stockfish
lutning inclination; [sluttning] slope,

lutt||er a sheer, pure; downright -ra tr
try; purge; [bildh] chasten
luva [woollen] cap
luxuös a luxurious, sumptuous

lya lair, hole, den

lyck||a [öde] fortune; Einre]
happiness; bliss; växlande ~ varying
fortunes; ~ till! good luck! göra ~ be
successful, succeed; göra sin ~ make
one’s fortune; vilken what a

stroke of fortune! till all — by good
luck -ad a successful; vara ~ be a
success -as dep succeed [att göra
in doing]; ~ fly manage to escape
-lig o happy; fortunate [färd [-expedition];-] {+expedi-
tion];+} successful; i ~aste fall at best;
~ resa! a pleasant journey! -ligen
adv safely -lig|göra tr make (render)
happy -ligt adv happily; allt gick ~
everything went well (all right); leva
~ lead a happy life -ligtvis adv
fortunately, luckily -o I bringande a
bringing fortune in its train -o |sam a
prosperous -salig a [serenely] happy,
blissful -sökare fortune-hunter -träff
lucky hit, stroke of luck; en ren ~ a
mere chance -önska tr, ~ ngn till
congratulate a p. on -önskan
lyd||a I tr obey; follow [råd advice] II
itr run, read; domen -er på the
sentence is for (runs:) -ande a så ~
running thus (as follows); thus
worded -else wording, tenor -ig a
obedient; docile [barn child] -konung
tributary king" -nad obedience [för,
mot to]; vara skyldig ~ owe obedience
to; svärja ngn [tro och] ~ swear
allegiance to a p.
lyftl|a tr 1 lift; raise 2 draw [utdelning
dividend] 3 elevate [sinnet the mind]
-krän [lifting(hoisting)-]crane -ning
Ebildl.] elevation; uplift
lyhörd a 1 with a sensitive (keen) ear
2 Emm] inefficiently sound-proof [ed ]
lyktlla lantern; lamp; light -sken
lan-tern(lamp )-light -stolpe lamp-post
lymf||a lymph -körtel lymph[aticj

lymmel blackguard
lynch||a tr lynch -ning lynching
lynnlle temperament; disposition:
Ehumör] humour, mood; ett häftigt —
a hasty temper -ig a temperamental;
subject to moods; capricious

1 lyr|a, fånga -or catch balls

2 lyr||a lyre -ik lyrics Epl.] -isk a
lyric [al]

lys||a itr 1 shine: hans ansikte -te av
lycka his face was lighted up with
happiness 2 det -er för the banns are
to be published for -ande a 1 luminous
E kropp body]; bright 2 Fbildl. ]
dazzling; E*dé] brilliant; ~ församling
illustrious assembly; ett ~ undantag
a shining exception -boj light
buoy -e light -kraft luminosity
-mask glowworm -ning banns £pl.3
-nings I present wedding-present

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