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-folklig a international -gift, i ~ as
a balance -gärde diaphragm -hand
middleman; genom flera -händer
through several middlemen’s hands
-havande account; de ordnade sitt ~
they arranged (settled) the [matter
in] dispute -landning intermediate
landing -liggande a in between,
interjacent -mål snack [between meals]
-rum 1 room between [two others],
intermediate room; ~ mellan raderna
intervening space between the lines
2 ⁅tid⁆ interval -spel interlude -tid
= -rum 2 -ting, ett ~ mellan a
mixture between .. -vikt middle weight
-öra middle [compartment of the] ear

mellerst a 1 middle; den ~a the middle
one 2 ⁅geogr.⁆ centre, middle

melo‖di melody; en ~ a tune, an air
-disk a melodious; melodic -dram

melon melon -skiva slice of melon

memo‖arer ⁅pl.⁆ memoirs -randum
memorandum -rera tr commit to
memory, memorize

1 men I konj 1 but; yet, still II många
om och ~
a lot of ifs and ans

2 men detriment; prejudice; vara till
~ för
prejudice; utan ~ without any
evil consequences

mena tr itr 1 think, suppose; be of
[the] opinion; jag ~r det I should
think so 2 ⁅åsyfta⁆ mean, intend

menageri menagerie; wild-beast show

menande a meaning; significant

mened perjury; begå ~ swear a false
oath, commit perjury -are perjurer

menig ⚔ private -het community;
⁅bibl.⁆ congregation

mening 1 ⁅åsikt⁆ opinion (idea) &c
om about, as to, on⁆ 2 ⁅avsikt⁆
intention, purpose, object 3 i god ~
in a good sense; i viss ~ in a sense
4 ⁅gram.⁆ sentence; clause -s|lös a
meaningless; senseless; det vore ~t
it would be futile (of no avail)

men‖lig a injurious, detrimental,
noxious -lös a innocent, guileless,
harmless; ~ som ett barn as
simple[-hearted] as a child

menstruation menses, menstruation

mentalitet mentality

menuett minuet

mer‖[a] I a more; a greater amount of;
desto ~ all the more; jag kan inte
göra ~
I can do no more; ingen ~ än
no one else besides him, nobody
but him II adv, ~ eller mindre more
or less; ~ hatad än fruktad hated
rather than feared; långt ~ far more;
inte ~ än rättvist only (but) fair
-endels adv usually, generally

meridi‖an meridian -onal a meridional

merit merit; qualification -era tr rfl
qualify [o. s.]

merkantil a commercial

1 mes 1 ⁅zool.⁆ tomtit, titmouse 2 F
faint-hearted fellow, coward

2 mes ⁅bärställn.⁆ knapsack-carrier

mesan ⚓ mizzen -mast mizzen-mast

mes|ost whey-cheese

mest I a most; ~a tiden most of the
time; för det ~a for the most part
II adv most; som folket är ~ exactly
like the generality (general run) of
people -a|dels adv mostly, for the
most part

meta itr angle, fish

meta‖for metaphor -fysik metaphysics

metall metal -arbetare metal-worker
-glans metallic lustre (sheen) -isk a
metallic -ografi metallography -urgi
metallurgy -varor metal goods,
metalware ⁅sing⁆

metamorfos metamorphosis ⁅pl.

meteor meteor -it meteor[ol]ite -olog
meteorologist -ologi meteorology

meter metre, meter -hög a a (one)
metre high (in height) -skala metric
scale -system metric system -vis adv
by the metre

met‖krok fish-hook -mask

metod method -isk a methodical -ist

met|rev fishing-(angling-)line

metr‖ik metrics, metrical composition
-isk a metrical

metropol metropolis; capital

met|spö fishing-rod

metvurst German sausage

mexikansk a Mexican

mickel, M~ räv Reynard the Fox

middag 1 ⁅tid⁆ noon; midday,
middle-day; god ~! good afternoon 2
dinner -s|höjd meridian altitude;
⁅bildl.⁆ meridian -s|mål midday
meal; dinner -s|tid, vid ~[en] at
(about) noon (dinner-time)
-s|upplaga noon (midday) edition

mid‖fastosöndag, ~en mid-Lent
Sunday -ja waist -natt midnight
-nattstid the dead of night -skepps adv
amidships -sommar
midsummer[-time] -sommar|afton Midsummer
Eve -vinter midwinter

mig pron 1 me 2 ⁅rfl.⁆ myself

migrän migraine

mikro‖fon microphone -skop

mil [Swedish] mile

mild a mild, soft, gentle -het mildness
&c -ra tr mitigate ⁅smärta pain⁆

mil‖is militia -itarism militarism

militär I 1 military force[s]; ~en the
Army 2 military man; soldier II a
military -isk a military; soldier-like
-läkare Army doctor

miljard milliard -är milliardaire

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