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mongol Mongol[ian] -isk a Mongolian
monoügam a monogamous -grafi
mo-nography -gram monogram -kel
monocle -log monologue, soliloquy
-man monomaniac [på as regards]
-pöl monopoly; ha ~ på hold a
monopoly for -ton a monotonous;
sing–song frös< voice]
monster monster
monsun monsoon

montllera tr put up, erect [a machine];
rig, fix -ering erection, assemblage,
installation -ör [electrical] fitter
monument monument -al a
mopp mop -a tr itr mop
mops pug-dog, pug -ig = nosig

1 mor [folk] Moor

2 mor mother

moral moral; [seder] morals; [-[disciplin]-] {+[disci-
plin]+} morale -begrepp morality
conception -predikan moral lecture
moras morass, swamp; [kärr] marsh
morbror [maternal] uncle, uncle on

one’s mother’s side
mord murder [på of] -brand arson,
wilful fire-raising -brännare
incendiary, fire-raiser -isk a murderous
-lysten a bloodthirsty, murder-loving
-vapen deadly weapon -ängel angel
of destruction, destroyer
morfar [maternal] grandfather
morfin morphia -ist morphinist
morgon 1 morning; god ~ good
morning! på ~en in the morning 2 i ~
to-morrow -bön morning prayer
-dag morrow -röck
morning-wrapper ; dressing-gown -rodnad dawn
morisk a Moorish; Moresque
mor I kulla woodcock
mormon Mormon
mormor [maternal] grandmother
morot carrot -färgad a carroty
morr|ja itr growl, snarl -hår [one of

the hairs in a cat’s] whiskers
morse, i ~ this morning
morsk a bold, dashing -a rfl take a

bold line
mortel mortar -stöt pestle
morän moraine

mos pulp, mash -a tr reduce to pulp
mosaik mosaic -arbete mosaic work
mosaiska Mosaic; Jewish
Mose|bok, de fevi -böckerna the
mosig a pulpy
moské mosque
moskit mosquito
Moskva npr Moscow
mossüa moss -belupen a moss-covered
-e peat-moss, bog -grön a
moss–grey(-green) -ros moss-rose
moster [maternal] aunt
mot prep towards; ~ fienden against
the enemy; ~ norr to the north,

northwards; ett hugg ~ a blow at:
jfr emot -a tr intercept, block the
way for -arbeta tr work against,
counterwork -bok [customer’s]
pass–book -drag counter-move -gift
antidote [mot to]; counterpoison
-gång reverse, set-back; defeat;
[missräkning] disappointment -håll,
ha ~ be in disfavour [för with] -ig a
adverse, contrary -ighet
adverse-ness; contrariety; set-back
motion 1 exercise 2 motion; väcka ~
om introduce a bill for -era I tr give
exercise II itr 1 take exercise 2
move [om for]
motiv 1 motive; cause, reason 2
[mus.] motif; subject -era tr warrant,
justify; state (give) one’s motive[sl
for -ering justification;
argumentation; med den ~cn att on the plea

motor motor; engine -båt motor-boat
-cykel motor-cycle(-bicycle) -fordon
motor vehicle -isk a motory. motor
-stopp, få ~ have an engine-failure
(-breakdown) -vagn [järnv.]
motllpart opposite (counter-)party,
opponent -pöl anti-pole -sats
contrast; raka ~en the exact opposite,
quite the reverse; bevis på ~en proof
to the contrary -satt a opposite:
contrary (opposed) [åsikter views]
-se tr look forward to; expect -sida
opposite side -sols adv facing the sun
-spelare adversary -spänstig a
refractory, recalcitrant -stridig a
conflicting -strävig a —-spänstig;
reluctant -stycke [bildh] counterpart;
parallel; utan ~ unparalleled,
unprecedented -stå tr withstand, resist
-stånd 1 resistance; opposition 2
Eelektr.] resistance box -ståndare
adversary, opponent; antagonist
-stånds jkraft power of resistance,
resisting-power -svara tr correspond
to; be equivalent to; Euà upp till]
answer to, fulfil; sora ~r
corresponding to; ~ sitt rykte come up to one’s
reputation -svarande a equivalent
[to 1; i — grad in a corresponding
degree; in proportion -svårighet
equivalent; counterpart -säga tr rfl
contradict [o. s.] -sägelse contradiction:
discrepancy -sätta rfl oppose
-sättning opposition
mott moth

mottaglia tr receive -ände reception
-are 1 receiver, recipient; [post.]
addressee 2 [radio.] receiver,
receiving set -lig a susceptible [för to];
~ för skäl amenable tø reason
-lig-het susceptibility; receptivity -ning
reception; Elak.] consultation
motto — tänkespråk

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