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— 121 —


moss la cap -kulle crown of a cap

-[s]kärm cap-peak
mötila I tr meet; encounter; ~
varandra meet II itr meet; appear;
attend -aide a meeting, coming; en ~
a p. coming the other way -as itr dep

meet -e meeting, encounter; [-Eupp-gjort]-] {+Eupp-
gjort]+} rendez-vous, appointment;
stäm ma ~ make an appointment,
agree upon a rendez-vous; jfr
tillmötes o. tillmötesgå -es| plats place of


rtacka tr wring the neck of
nackdel disadvantage, drawback
nackl|e back of the head (neck)
-spe-gel hand-mirror -styv a stiff-necked
nafs. i ett ~ in a snap, jfr haj -a itr

[make a] snap fefter at]
nafta naphtha -lin naphthalene
nag|el nail; putsa -lama cut (pare)
one’s nails -band nail-fold -borste
nail-brush -fara tr scrutinize;
criticize -lack nail-varnish -trång
ingrown nails
nagglla I tr prick II itr Eoroa] chafe,
fret; Egnata] nag -ande a, ~ god F
jolly good

nagla tr nail (rivet) Fvid to]
naiv a naive; simple; [dum] silly
-itet naiveté [fr.], simplicity
najad naiad

naken a naked; Ekal] bare; [konst.]
nude -dansös nude dancer -het
nakterhus & binnacle[-pillar]
nalkas itr tr dep approach, draw near

namn name [pi of]; till ~et by (in)
name; blott till ~et only nominally;
vid ~ by (of) the name of -anrop
subscriber’s name -e namesake -ge
tr give names (a name) to, name
-kunnig a renowned -lös a nameless
-s|dag name-day -teckning signature
napp 1 Etröst-] teat, nipple 2 Efisk.]
bite -a tr itr bite, nibble; ~ åt sig
snatch -a|ta? tussle
narciss! a! narcissus
narig a Ehud]chapped, rough
liarko ls narcosis; ge ~ administer an
anaesthetic -tika narcotics; F drugs
-tisk a Qarcotic[al]
narr fool; göra ~ av make fun of, poke
fun at -a tr deceive, cheat; [på skoj]
fool; jfr lara -aktig a ridiculous,
foolish -as itr dep tell fibs, jfr ljuga
-i, på ~ in jest (fun) -kåpa jester’s

narv [på läder] grain -ad a grained
nar|val narwhàlo, sea-unicorn
nasal I a nasal II nasal [sound] -era
tr nasalize -ton nasal tone (twang)
nate [bot..] pond weed
nation nation -al|ekonom political
economist -al|ekonomisk a of
(relating to) political economy -alism

nationalism -alitet nationality
-al|-museum national museum
-al|socia-lism National Socialism -elJ a
national -s|hus Euniv.] ’nation’

nativitet birthrate -s|minskning
diminution in the birthrate

natrium sodium

natt night; god good night! jl’r
dag; i går ~ yesterday night.; i ~
to–night, tonight; [förra] last niglit;
om ~en in the night, at (by) night;
stanna över ~en stay the night
-dräkt night-attire, jfr -linne
-duks|-bord bedside table -e|tid at night
-fjäril moth -frost night-frost -gäst
guest for the night -klubb night club
-kvarter quarters for the night,
night–quarters -kärl chamber-vessel -lig a
nocturnal -linne night-dress -logi
sleeping accommodation, jfr -kvarter
-mössa night-cap -röck
dressing–govvn -skjorta night-shirt -stånden
a flat -uggla night-owl; Ebildl.]
sit-ter-up at nights -vak night-watching
-vakt night-watch[man] -vard, ~en
the Holy Communion, the Blessed
Sacrament -värds! gång communion
-viol butterfly orchis

natur nature; [skaplynne] character;
Elynne] disposition; av ~en from
nature -a, betalning i ~ payment in
kind -alisera tr naturalize -alistisk a
naturalistic -barn child of nature
-behov, förrätta ett ~ discharge a cail
of nature -enlig a in accordance with
nature[’s dictates] -folk primitive
people -färg natural colour -hinder
physical impediment -historia
natural history -kraft natural
(elemental) power -lag law of Nature
-lig a natural; [medfödd] innate;
[okonstlad] unaffected, ingenious
-lighet naturalness; unaffectedness
-ligtvis adv of course -liv 1 life of
nature 2 open-air life -lära natural
science; Ebok] natural-science
textbook -makt element -rike, the
natural kingdom -skildring
description of [natural] scenery -skydd
natural-scenery preservation
-skönhet natural beauty -tillgång natural
asset -tillstånd natural state
(condition) -trogen a naturalcsque; true to

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