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niga itr curts[e]y ⁅för to⁆

nihilism nihilism

nikotin nicotine -förgiftad a
nicotine-poisoned -förgiftning nicotinism

nikt lycopode[-powder]

Nil‖deltat the Delta of the Nile -en
the [river] Nile

nimbus nimbus, jfr gloria 1

nio räkn nine; jfr fem- -nde räkn ninth

nipper trinkets, jewelry ⁅sing.⁆

nisch niche, recess

1 nit ⁅-lott⁆ blank

2 nit zeal[ousness]; med ~ with ardour

3 nit ⚙ rivet -a tr rivet, clinch

nitisk a zealous, ardent, keen

nitt‖io räkn ninety -ionde räkn
ninetieth -on räkn nineteen -onde räkn

nitälskan zeal[ousness]

niv‖ellera tr level -ellering levelling
level; på samma ~ som on a level

njugg a niggardly, stingy ⁅ of⁆

njur‖e kidney -sten stone in the
kidneys, nephrite -talg suet

njut‖a I tr itr, ~ av enjoy; be
delighted with II itr enjoy o.s. -bar a
enjoyable -ning enjoyment; delight;
en sann ~ a real treat -nings|lysten
a fond of pleasure -nings|lystnad love
of pleasure[s]

nobel = ädel

nock pin, peg

nog adv 1 enough; sufficiently; sig
själv ~
self-sufficing 2 ⁅tämligen⁆
rather 3 ⁅visserligen; sannolikt⁆; han
är ~ sjuk
I dare say he is ill; det
är ~
it will be; det kommer ~ it will
come all right, never fear; det tror
jag ~
I can quite (well) believe it;
jag vet ~ I am well aware -a I a
accurate, exact, precise; ~ med
particular about; jfr -grann II adv
accurately &c; ⁅iaktta⁆ closely
-grann a particular, careful;
⁅undersökning⁆ close -grannhet accuracy,
precision, exactitude; carefulness
-räknad a particular, exacting -samt
adv [perfectly] well

nojs = gyckel

noll -a nought, naught; ⁅vetensk.⁆
zero -punkt zero[-point]

nomad nomad -isk a nomad[ic]

nom‖en name, noun -enklatur
nomenclature -inativ nominative -inell
a nominal -inera tr nominate

nonchalan‖s nonchalance -t a

nonsens nonsense, rubbish

nopp burls (knots) ⁅pl.⁆ -a I burl,
knot II tr burl

nord s adv north; N~en the North
N-amerika North America -an adv
from the north -an|vind north-wind
-bo inhabitant of the north, northener
-isk a northern; ~a språk
Scandinavian languages N-kap [the] North
Cape -lig a ⁅vind⁆ northerly; ⁅folk⁆
northern; ~ bredd north latitude
-ost north-east -ostlig a
north-easterly -pol north pole; N~en the Arctic
Pole -pols|färd arctic expedition
N-sjön the North Sea N-stjärnan
the North Star -stjärne|orden the
Order of the North Star -vart adv

Norge Norway

norm rule; standard ⁅för of⁆; norm
-al a normal -alisera tr normalize,

normand Norman N-iet Normandy
-isk a Norman

norn|a Norn; -orna the Fates

norr s adv [the] north; ~ om [to the]
north of; ~ ut to[wards] the north;
northward[s]; i ~ in the north -a a
[the] north[ern] -man Norwegian
-sken aurora borealis, northern
lights ⁅pl.⁆

nors smelt

norsk a Norwegian; Norse -a 1
Norwegian woman 2 ⁅språk⁆ Norwegian

nos muzzle, snout, nose -a itr smell,
scent; ~ på sniff at -grimma muzzle
-hörning rhinoceros -ig a stuck-up;
⁅näsvis⁆ cheeky -rem

1 not [haul(drag-)]seine, sweep-net

2 not ⁅äv. mus.⁆ note; annotation;
⁅nedtill⁆ foot-note; ~er ⁅mus.⁆
music; hel ~ semibreve; halv ~ minim
-a note, list; ⁅räkning⁆ bill -abel a
notable, of note -abilitet notableness;
~er notabilities, persons of note;
celebrities -arie [law-court] clerk,
registrar -ariat|avdelning legal
department -bok music-book -era tr note,
record; ⁅hand.⁆ book -ering noting;
quotation -hylla music-stand -is
notice, note; item [of news];
⁅tidnings~⁆ paragraph; ⁅underrättelse⁆
information; ta ~ om pay
attention to -is|bok
memorandum(note)-book -is|jägare reporter -orisk a
notorious -papper music-paper
-tecken 1 ⁅mus.⁆ music[al] sign, note
2 ⁅boktr.⁆ reference mark, asterisk
-varp sweep with a (the) seine; haul;
F omnium gatherum -växling
exchange of notes, diplomatic

novell [short] novel, story

november November

novis novice

nu I adv now; ~ för tiden nowadays
II i detta ~ this very instant

nubb [tin-]tack; small nail -a tr tack
fast on⁆ -e dram

nucka crone

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