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nu|mera adv now[adays]

numer‖isk a numerical -o number
(No.) -us number -är number

nummer number; ⁅siffra⁆ figure;
⁅storlek⁆ size; ⁅tidnings-⁆ issue -följd
numerical order -häst trooper’s
(cavalry) horse -tavla number board

numrer‖a tr [mark with a] number;
~de platser reserved seats -ing
numbering, numeration

nunn‖a nun -e|kloster nunnery

nuntie ⁅påvlig⁆ nuncio

nutid, ~en the present time; ~ens
present-day -s|människa modern
person, person of the present day
(age) -s|skildring picture of modern
age (life)

nuvarande a [of the] present [time];
actual, now prevailing; den ~ .. the
present ..

ny I a new ⁅för to⁆; fresh; ⁅annan⁆
[an]other; ~are modern (recent) ⁅books
&c⁆; ~tt påhitt novel invention II
new moon, change [of the moon]

nyans shade; nuance ⁅fr.⁆ -era tr
shade [off], tone off, graduate

ny‖anskaffning refurnishing, new
supply -bakad a new-made; F
newly-hatched -bildning new formation
-bliven a new[ly created (made)]
-byggare settler, colonist -bygge 1
settlement 2 o. -byggnad new
building[s] -börjare beginner, novice; new

nyck whim; caprice, fancy

nyckel key; ⁅bildl.⁆ clue -ax key-bit
-ben collar-bone, clavicle -harpa
hurdy-gurdy -hål key-hole -knippa
bunch of keys -piga lady-bird

nyckfull a capricious; whimsical -het
capriciousness &c

ny‖fallen a fresh [fallen] -fiken a
curious ⁅ about (as to)⁆;
inquisitive, prying; jag är ~ att höra I am
anxious to know -fikenhet curiosity;
inquisitiveness -född a new-born
-gift a newly married -het 1 newness,
novelty; en ~ a novelty, something
novel 2 ⁅underrättelse⁆ news,
intelligence; en ~ a piece of news
-hets|krämare newsmonger, gossip
-komling new-comer, new arrival
-kommen a just arrived

nykt‖er a sober; ⁅avhållsam⁆
temperate -er|het sobriety, soberness;
temperance -erhets|hotell temperance
hotel -erist teetotaller -ra itr, ~ till
become sober [again], sober down

ny‖kyrklig a low-church -kärnad a
freshly churned -ligen a recently,
lately; of late

nymf nymph

ny‖modig a new-fashioned, modern;
⁅idé⁆ new-fangled -mål|ad a
fresh-painted; -at! wet paint! -måne new
moon -odling 1 ⁅abstr.⁆ reclaiming
[of] land 2 ⁅konkr.⁆ reclaimed land;
⁅i skog⁆ clearing

nyp pinch -a I tr pinch, nip II pinch
snus of snuff⁆

nypon hip -buske dog(briar)-rose
[shrub] -soppa hip soup

ny|romantik neo-romanticism

nys, få ~ om get wind of

nysa itr sneeze

ny‖silver German silver; ⁅Engl.⁆
electroplate -slagen a new-mown

nysning sneezing, sneeze

nyss adv just [now] -nämnd a .. just

nysta tr ⁅garn⁆ wind -n ball, clue

ny‖stavning reformed orthography
-struken a fresh[ly] ironed

nyter a blithe, cheerful

nytt 1 ⁅nyhet⁆ news 2 något ~
something new

nytt‖a I use (good) ⁅för to⁆; ⁅abstr.⁆
usefulness, utility; göra ~ be useful
II = gagna -ig a useful ⁅för to⁆; good
för for⁆; ⁅hälsosam⁆ wholesome
-ighet usefulness -ja = använda
-jande|rätt right to use; ⁅lag.⁆ usufruct

nyår new year -s|afton New Year’s
Eve -s|dag New Year’s Day

1 nå itj well! why!

2 nå tr reach; come [up (down)] to;
jfr 1 hinna; ~ upp i taket touch the

nåd 1 grace; ⁅ynnest⁆ favour; ~!
mercy! pardon! i ~ens år in the year
of grace; begära ~ sue for pardon;
finna ~ find favour; få ~ be
pardoned; ge sig på ~ och onåd surrender
unconditionally; ta till ~er take
[back] into favour [again] 2 ⁅titel⁆
Grace; Ers ~ my Lord, your
Lordship, Sir; hennes ~ my Lady, her
Ladyship -e, Gud ~e mig! the Lord
have mercy upon me! -e|ansökan
petition for pardon -e|bevis mark
(token) of favour (grace) -e|gåva
charity, gratuity -e|stöt coup de
grâce ⁅fr.⁆, crowning mercy -e|tid
day (time) of grace -ig a gracious;
⁅barmhärtig⁆ merciful; ~ frun my
lady -år year of grace

någon pron some, any, somebody,
someone; anybody, anyone; jfr
gram. -derå pron one or the other
[of them] -sin adv ever; aldrig ~
never -städes adv somewhere,
anywhere -ting pron something,
anything; jfr gram.

någorlunda adv in some degree;
tolerably, fairly; F pretty ⁅bra well⁆

något I pron something, anything, a
little; jfr gram. II adv somewhat; a
little, rather

nål needle; ⁅knapp-, hår-⁆ pin -brev
paper (packet) of needles (pins) -dyna

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