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tr necessitate -vändighet necessity
-vändighets|artikel [aiticle of]
necessity -vändigt[vis] adv necessarily,
of necessity; absolutely -värn
self–defence -år year of famine (dearth)
nöj|la rfl be content; rest satisfied
-aktig a satisfactory -d a content[ed],
satislied; [ belät enl pleased -e 1
pleasure; jivna <~ tenjoy, take
pleasure in 2 [förströelse] amusement;
pastime; pleasure -es|lysten a fond
of (greedy lor) pleasures -es I skatt

1 nöt Fbot.] nut

2 nöt head of cattle; F ass
nöta tr wear away; ~ id wear out
nöt I boskap [horned] cattle
nötbrun a nut-brown, hazel
nöthår cowhair -s|filt cowhair felt
nöt||knäppare nut-cracker -kärna
kernel of a nut

nöt {kött beef

nötning wear [and tear], use
nötllskal nutshell; [bildh] cockle-shell

-skrika jay
nött a worn


o itj Oh!

oaktat I prep notwithstanding, in
spite of II konj [al]thougli
oanad a unimagined, unsuspected
oanllgenäm a unpleasant, disagreeable
-senUg a insignificant -ständig a
indecent, shocking -svarig a
irresponsible -taglig a unacceptable -tastad a
unmolested -tastlig a unassailable,
unimpeachable -vänd a unused
-vändbar a useless
ollaptitlig a unappetizing -artig a
discourteous -artikulerad a inarticulate
oas oasis

oavlibruten a uninterrupted -gjord
a unsettled; Espel] drawn -hängig
a independent -låtlig « incessant,
unceasing -sett prep, ~ detta
irrespective of (apart from) that
-vis-lig a not to be rejected; [plikt]

oiibanad a unbeaten, pathless
-balanserad a unbalanced -barmhärtig a
unmerciful, merciless, pitiless
obllducera tr dissect -duktion post-

-mortem examination
obe|bodd a uninhabited; empty
-boe-lig a uninhabitable -byggd a
unoccupied [by houses] -fintlig a
non–existent -fläckad a unsullied,
unblemished; [jungfru] immaculate
-fogad a unjustified, unjustifiable;
[krav] unwarranted -gagnad a not
used, unutilized; [plagg] unworn,
new -griplig a incomprehensible,
inconceivable -gränsad a unlimited;
unbounded -hag a discomfort,
trouble -haglig a unpleasant,
disagreeable; [belägenhet] awkward
-härskad a uncontrolled, unrestrained
-hörig a unauthorized, unwarranted;
~a äga ej tillträde outsiders
(strangers) not admitted -kant a unknown
[/örto];.en ~ a stranger -kväm a
uncomfortable, inconvenient -kymrad
a unconcerned -levad a ill-bred,

obelimedlad a without private fortune
(means); [fattig] impecunious -märkt
a unnoticed, unobserved -nägen a
disinclined; unwilling -roende I a
independent; ~ av irrespective of II
independence -räknelig a incalculable,
elusive -rättigad a unauthorized;
[fordran] unjust, ungrounded -rörd
a untouched; Ebildl. äv.] unaffected,
unmoved -satt a unoccupied; Etjänst]
vacant -sedd a unseen -skrivlig a
indescribable -slutsam a irresolute,
undecided; vara ~ falter, hesitate
-slutsamhet irresoluteness,
irresolution -stridd a undisputed -stridlig o
indisputable -styrkt a unverified,
unconfirmed -stånd disorder; Ehand.]
insolvency: råka pä ~ get into
difficulties -ställbar a undelivered -stämd
a undecided; indetermincd; [gram.]
indefinite; pä ~ tid for an unlimited
period, indefinitely -ständig a
inconstant; changeable, variable
-svarad a unanswered; Ekärlek]
unrequited -svärad a unburdened;
Ebildl.] easy -tingad a unconditional;
[förtroende] absolute, implicit -tingat
adv unquestioningly -tonad a
unstressed, unaccented -tvinglig a
uncontrollable ; irresistible -tydlig a
insignificant; unimportant, trifling;
Eskada o. d.] slight -tänksam a
inconsiderate; [ord] indiscreet;
thoughtless; Ehandling] rash -vakad a
unguarded -veklig a inflexible;
inexorable, stern -visad a not proved,
un-proven -väpnad a unarmed
ollbildad a uneducated, ill-bred,
uncultivated -billig a unreasonable,
unfair, unjust
objekt object -iv I a objective II

objective, object-glass
ollbjuden a uninvited, unbidden; ~
gäst intruder, unwelcome guest
-blan-dad a unmixed, unmingled
oblat [sealing-] wafer; [nattvards-]
[sacramental] wafer

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