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unable ⁅att to⁆; vara ~ att inse fail to
see -nuft irrationality, absurdity
-nuftig a irrational, unreasoning;
⁅oklok⁆ unreasonable, foolish
-nöjsam a insatiable; discontented -rätt
injury, injustice; wrong -rätt|ad a,
med -at ärende
without having
effected one’s object -siktig a
incautious, imprudent -siktighet
imprudence, incaution; indiscretion
-skräckt a fearless, intrepid -skylld a
undeserved -skämd a insolent
-skämdhet insolence; impudence -sonlig a
implacable, unappeasable -sonlighet
implacability -stådd a misunderstood
-stånd want of judgement;
imprudence -svarlig a indefensible,
unjustifiable -synt a audacious,
arrogant -tjänt a unmerited, undeserved
-truten a indefatigable -tövat =
-dröjligen -utsedd a unforeseen,
unlooked for; en ~ lycka a godsend
-villad a unswerving -vitlig a
blameless, unimpeachable -vägen a
[over-]daring, reckiess -änderlig a
invariable, unchanging -ändrad a unchanged,

o‖gen a unkind, disobliging -generad a
unconstrained, at one’s ease;
⁅självsvåldig⁆ jaunty, careless -genomskinlig
a opaque, impervious to light
-genomtränglig a impenetrable -gift a
unmarried, single -gilla tr disapprove
[of] -gillande disapproval,
disapprobation -giltig a invalid, [null and] void
-gjor|d a undone; i -t väder at the
wrong moment -grannlaga a
inconsiderate, wanting in delicacy, improper
-graverad a unmortgaged,
unencumbered -grundad a ungrounded,
groundless, unfounded -gräs weed -gudaktig
a ungodly; ~t tal profanity
-gudaktighet ungodliness, impiety -gynnsam a
unfavourable; ⁅början⁆ inauspicious
-gärna adv unwillingly, reluctantly
-gärning evil deed -gärnings|man
evil-doer -gästvänlig a inhospitable
-görlig a impracticable, unfeasible
-hederlig a dishonest; ⁅medel⁆
unfair -hejdad a unrestrained,
unchecked -hjälplig a past help[ing]

ohoj itjskepp ~ ship ahoy! ahoy

o‖hyfsad a unpolished; rude;
ill-mannered -hygglig a appalling, frightful,
horrible -hyra vermin -hågad a
disinclined -hållbar a ⁅bildl.⁆ untenable
-hälsosam a unwholesome;
unhealthy -hämmad a unchecked,
unrestrained -höljd a undisguised
-hövlig a uncivil, rude -hörbar a
inaudible -igenkännlig a
unrecognizable -igenkännlighet impossibility
of recognition -inbunden a unbound
-inskränkt a unrestricted; absolute
-intaglig a impregnable -intressant a
uninteresting; dull -intresserad a
uninterested -jämförlig a incomparable
-jämn a uneven, rough; ⁅form⁆
irregular -jämnhet unevenness;
irregularity -jävig a unchallengeable

ok yoke -a tr yoke

o‖kammad a uncombed -klanderlig a
irreproachable -klar a unclear; dim
-klok a imprudent, unwise;
ill-advised -klädd a undressed &c; ⁅möbel⁆
unupholstered -kokt a unboiled &c;
uncooked, raw -konstlad a
inartificial, artless -kryddad a unseasoned
-kränkbar a inviolable

oktav 1 ⁅mus.⁆ octave 2 ⁅format⁆

oktober October

oktroj concession, grant; ⁅tull⁆ octroi

o‖kunnig a ignorant; ⁅olärd⁆
unlearned, uninformed -kunnighet
ignorance -kuvlig a indomitable;
unconquerable, invincible -kvald a, i ~
in undisputed possession
-kvinnlig a unwomanly, unfeminine
-kväda tr abuse -kvädinsord
insult[ing word], abuse -kynne [love of]
mischief; mischievousness -kynnig
a [wantonly] mischievous -kysk a
unchaste -känd a unknown ⁅för to⁆;
⁅författare⁆ obscure -känslig a
insensible (insusceptible) ⁅för to⁆
-känslighet insensibility, insusceptibility

olag, i ~ out of gear; in disorder; vara
i ~
be (have gone) wrong

olag‖a -lig a illegal, unlawful

o‖lat vicious habit -ledad a
inarticulate[d], jointless -lidlig a
unendurable; ⁅smärta⁆ excruciating -lik
a different ⁅andra from others⁆;
unlike, dissimilar; smaken är ~a tastes
differ -lika adv differently, in a
different manner; ~ långa of unequal
length -lik|artad a heterogenous;
varied -likhet dissimilarity; ⁅i ålder⁆
disparity -liksidig a with unequal
sides -linjerad a unruled

oliv olive -olja olive oil

olj‖a s tr oil O-e|berget the Mount of
Olives -e|duk oiled canvas -e|färg
oil-colour(-paint) -e|färgstavla
oil-painting -e|hus ⚙ oil-reservoir
-e|kläder oilskins -e|målning
oil-painting -e|växt oleiferous plant -ig a oily

oljud [discordant] noise[s], hubbub

ollon acorn -borre cockchafer

o‖logisk a illogical -lovandes adv
without permission -lovlig a unpermitted;
forbidden -lust [a feeling of]
discomfort -lustig a uncomfortable,
out of sorts, ill at ease

olvon guelder-rose

olyck‖a 1 misfortune; bad luck;
bringa (råka) i ~ get into trouble
2 ⁅missöde⁆ mischance, mishap;

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